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Banking deserver convenience to both account holders (customers) and the bankers (Bank workers). Since technology invention has taken place globally, more discovering and inventions consistently taking place – every sector is exploring it to boost their businesses and company services.

Talking about the Zenith bank OTP e-Token app, not every person can afford the hardware token, and even if, the convenience of carrying it around is another thing to consider. But this time Zenith bank has looked beyond and create a special app that conveniently generates One-Time-Pin for initiating transactions.

To make everything easier, we have provided a complete guide, including downloading the right app, providing the Zenith eToken app download link on PlayStore and iOS store. Aside from that, this page has also covered how to use the Zenith Bank e-Token generator.

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How to Download Zenith Bank OTP e-Token App

The Zenith Bank OTP e-Token app is available on both android and apple play store, the link below will redirect to the various stores clicked.

Complete the steps after to successfully download and install the OTP token generator by Zenith Bank.

How to Use It – The Zenith Bank e-Token App

The Zenith OTP app allows customers to conveniently generate a one-time transaction authentication code, just like with a hardware token.

  1. After installing the app, Open/Launch the app,
  2. Tap on the “Continue” button on the welcome page,
    (Please note that tapping the continue , you agree the terms of services and praivacy policy)
  3. I am registering as …
    Opion A: An Individual
    Option B: A Corporate user

    Please note that there are always types of account, the account could either be an individual or a business/corporate account. Select with one is best described for your account.

A Corporate user:

  • If you’ve selected “A Corporate user” then you need to visit the nearest Zenith Bank branch to get your activation code to complete your registration.
  • Tap on “Continue” after getting your code,
  • Then tap on “Activate”.

    Please always allow the app to access your device files, locations, etc. When when you see such, select “Allow”.
  • Now you will be required to enter; Serial number, Activation Code, and User ID.
    Tap the Continue” button to proceed.
  • Then enter your password, when requested. And complete other steps that may prompt to finsh the process.

Done! You just complete the registration process and can start using the Zenith Bank e-Token app to generate OTP when needed.

An Individual User:

If you have selected the Individual, there are THREE instant methods to get your e-Token app registered now; by using your Hardware Token, or Debit Card, or Quick Access.

If you’ve selected “Hardware Token”;
– You’ll be needing your bank account number, and
– Pin + Token
in order to continue.

If You’ve selected “Debit Card” you will be needing your;
– Account number
– Debit Card Last Six Digit, and
– Debit Card Pin

Select which option you prefer to complete your Zenith Bank e-Token app registration, tap “Continue” once you’re done.

You’ll also need to visit any Zenith Bank branch around you to get an activation code if you’ve selected the ” Quick Access ” option.
– then tap on “Continue”,
– select “Activate” if you’re activating for the first time. To complete the activation, you will be quested for the Serial number, Activation code, and User ID.


Select “Reactivate” if you have activated before but doing a return activation.
To further complete the re-activation, you will be quested for the Serial number, Activation code, Re-activation code, and User ID.

For every method, you may have preferred or are eligible to register with (under the Corporate user and Individual User) You will receive an SMS from ZENITH Bank to validate your registration (and phone number). That will be the end stage of activating the Zenith Bank OTP e-Token App.

Please note that you MUST have an active Zenith Bank account with ZenithBank to enable you to use the Zenith Bank OTP e-Token App. It only works with Zenith Bank accounts.

Pros and Cons of the App

These are our personal reason why we like and dislike the Zenith OTP e-Token App.


  • Can always be replaced. Unlike the hardware token that could get stolen, damaged, or expire, downloading the Zenith Bank OTP e-Token App bridges that gap. Even when the phone gets stolen or damaged you can always download a new app and re-login
  • The Zenith OTP app download will always be free just like the Zenith mobile banking app. You won’t have to pay a dime to get the app download, unlike going to buy (re-purchasing) the hardware token.
  • If is likely to be free-cost using the app to generate OTPs.


  • Requires network to generate OTP codes. As of the time of publishing this page, the Zenith e-Token uses data to generate tokens. We expected that Zenith Bank would have programed its app to work like the 2-Factor Authentication apps (like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Duo Mobile authenticator, and many others). These apps generate codes to protect online accounts and those need network (data) to generate those codes.

Do you have any questions?

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