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Download Zoom Online Video Conferencing App for PC (Windows and Mac)

Do you host webinars or you’re planning of doing so? Or are you learning how to make an online video meeting where you share files, share screens, share ideas, etc? If it’s a Yes, then you’ve entered into the right page because We have gone a popular Meeting conferencing video and screen sharing app you can use for FREE on mobile and computers.

Have you had of Zoom?

Zoom Video Communications, Inc is an American communications technology company, designed to provide videotelephony and online chat services through a cloud-based peer-to-peer software platform and is also used for teleconferencing, telecommuting, distance education, and social relations, and many more.

Probably yes or No – but in any case, you are on the right page to practically learn how to use the App effectively for your business. We have provided a review base on our experience while using the app and what other Pros have said about it too.

This page will be taking you through the process of how Zoom Video Conferencing and we have answered some popular questions to let you get a clear insight about Zoom.

Is Zoom Free?

This is one consistent question that is been asked. There are lots of Video Conferencing apps with different pricing and features; for example Google Meeting – just announced to make its own free, so no more only for the G-Suite subscribers. Also Facebook – they have just increased the number of active members to join a conference meeting at the same time.

There are still more giant Video meeting apps that offer the same or different offers and services. But Zoom has been outstanding and almost becoming the most used conferencing App for Windows and Mac.

To get the question answered on whether Zoom is free, Yes – it has a free package but with limited services and features. The free package will be enough for some categories of people though.

The first is that it gives the ability to have up to 100 participants in a conference meeting. But if you are the type that always has a massive audience to attend your webinar than the free won’t work for you, you need to step up (upgrade) your account.

Whereas you have an unlimited conferencing time for one-to-one meetings. This means that you’re timeless when making a single video meeting. But Zoom times you when making a group meeting – 40minutes on any group. That is less than an hour to start and complete any video meeting you’re making on a group.

Of course, you can create an unlimited number of meetings, but remember there are still restrictions on the timing.

You have the ability to create ticket support, You can share your screen, Zoom provides a Whiteboarding and multi-sharing of files, allows you do group message and presentation.

Quality of video is a very vital factor to also consider and Zoom provides an HD video and voice.

Zoom is very secured to make your business video and audio conferencing. It uses a secured socket layer (SSL) encryption technology to ensure your activities within the Zoom environment remains encrypted.

You can go for the premium to increase of break some of the free limitations.

And the good thing about the Zoom Meeting App is that it is free forever.

Zoom Meeting Plans

Zoom has 4-levels of packages it offers;

  • the free (free forever),
  • pro ($14.99 monthly per host),
  • Business ($19.99 monthly per host),
  • Enterprise ($19.99 monthly per host).

How to Download Zoom Video Conferencing

the app is lightweight, and just the same way you download and install your desktop applications – you do so on Zoom as well.

No credit card, is required.

To download the Latest Zoom Meeting App for Windows and Mac PC “Click Here

The download dialog box will pop-up, follow the instructions and save and download the app onto your computer.

After the download, locate the file where you saved it and start the installation.

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Zoom Login and Sign Up New Account Page

Logging into the Zoom environment means you already have your login details, in order words, that you’ve created Zoom account already. However, creating a Zoom account is free and easy too.

Let’s show you the steps to create a new Zoom account right now. You can get the sign up button in any page of Zoom you find yourself; whether the Zoom meeting App download page, or the main home page – the sign up link is ever there.

  1. Visit the main page on www.zoom.us
  2. On the right top corner of the page, click on ‘SIGN UP, IT’S FREE
  3. You will be asked to confirm by inputting your date of birth for verification purposes. Then click on ‘Continue’.
Zoom Online Video Conferencing sign up form
Zoom Online Video Conferencing sign up form
  1. There are TWO option to create a new Zoom account
    a) using email to sign up
    b) using a third party’s account to sign up – those accounts are; Google and Facebook

If you’re using any of the third party’s account to sign up then it only requires you clicking on it, then a new page pop-up for you to login into that account, then you will confirm (in other words approve or allow) the use of your information on Zoom account registration, once that is confirmed you may now login to your Zoom account.

So this means that you must have any account with any of the third party account you select.

We are using email to signup for a new Zoom account. So enter your email and click on ‘Sign up‘.

  1. Zoom will send an email to that email address you have entered (you’ll see the notification of the Zoom signup page). Now you have to login to your email and Click the confirmation link in that email to begin using Zoom.
  1. Next o the screen (after clicking the link in your email) is to confirm whether you are creating the Zoom account for a School or yourself, select the best answer and continue.

select and click on ‘Continue’.

  1. Now you should see a confirmation page that Your account has been successfully created
Zoom username and password form
Zoom username and password form

Now its time to create a user name and password for your Zoom login account.

Zoom has a standard requirements of creating password here;

  • Have at least 8 characters
  • Have at least 1 letter (a, b, c…)
  • Have at least 1 number (1, 2, 3…)
  • Include both Upper case and Lower case characters
  • Password must not contain only one character (11111111 or aaaaaaaa)
  • Must also not contain only consecutive characters (12345678 or abcdefgh)

Click on the ‘Continue‘ button after you’ve confirmed and happy with every information you’ve provided.

  1. Start adding your colleagues to start a conference meeting right away. Only their email address is needed. One person per box.

    And you can add more by clicking on ‘Add another email’ to create another box for other users.

Then confirm you’re not a robot and click on ‘Invite’.

However, you can click on ‘skip this step’ – which means you will add those colleagues later.

Please note that any colleague you’re adding must have an account with Zoom. Perhaps you can share this page with them via email or Facebook or telegram so that they can also follow the steps on this page to create a Zoom account fast.

  1. Now its time to start your meeting with your colleagues right away.

Good News! You can save more time by scheduling your meetings directly from your calendar, so you need to download the;

Microsoft Outlook Plugin here, and
Chrome Extension here

to enable scheduling fast and easier.

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How to Create Zoom Conference Meeting

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on ‘Host a Meeting’ – you see it that the top right corner (behind your profile icon).
  3. You should see THREE option to select from on the type of meeting you want to host
    a: host meeting sharing your screen,
    b: host a meeting without video
    c: host a meeting with video on
  4. Select which option you want and the app starts downloading (if you haven’t downloaded before now)
  5. Check out other options that will prompt to select the right option best for your need.

    After you have downloaded the App, if you haven’t login, you will be requested to do so.
  6. Then click on the participants to open up the participants’ list,
  7. Then click on Invite,
  8. You have the option to either invite with only a url or to invite with your url + Meeting ID + Password which the participants will provide before gaining access to the meeting.

    You also have the ability to invite them via email. So you have to select the ‘Email option’ then select your email service to send the invitation to them (those you already have their email contacts whether in Zoom or outside Zoom)


If you have already downloaded the app to your computer then you should have logged in.

On the front view of the app you will see the options of Hosting meetings – New meeting and share screen.

You can off the video from the new meeting and you can decide whether share computer sound or not from the ‘Share Screen‘.

How to Invite Colleagues to Your Zoom Conference Meeting

Every registered user has its unique personal meeting URL it is that URL that you sand to those colleagues to come to join your meeting when scheduled.

Zoom meeting url image

You can always see your Your personal meeting url when you;

  • Navigate to your Profile account icon at the top corner of the page – click on your Profile Picture icon to take yours to your account details.
  • Then under ‘Profile’, you should see ‘Personal Meeting ID’ and under the ID you will see your URL (hidden) click on ‘Show’ to unmask and preview the full URL

Kindly share this page with your friends and business colleagues so they can learn how to sign up for Zoom online meeting App for free and you both can start meeting and doing your online conferences for FRee also.

Use the comment box below in case you have any questions or contributions. We’ll make sure to attend to them.

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