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How To Draw The Nigerian Coat Of Arms Step By Step

How To Draw The Nigerian Coat Of Arms Step By Step – The Nigerian Coat of Arms is the country’s symbol of national unity, state power, and authority. It is Nigeria’s brand, logo and identity. Just like every nation of the world, the Nigerian coat of arm is the symbol of sovereignty, unity and cohesion. the Nigeria’s national motto is “Unity & Faith, Peace & Progress“.

The The Nigerian Coat Of Arms was created in line with the National Flag and Coat-of-Arms Ordinance number 48 of 1960. However, it was officially adopted in 1975. Since then, it has been the face of Nigeria. The Coat of Arms has a lot of features and these features represent different things and meanings. We will consider them in the next paragraph.

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How To Draw The Nigerian Coat Of Arms Step By StepHow To Draw The Nigerian Coat Of Arms Step By Step

The Features on the Nigerian coat of Arms include the following:

  1. The black shield.
  2. The “Y” shape formed by two white wavy bands (white lines).
  3. Two horses on each side of the shield.
  4. An eagle standing on the shield.
  5. The wreath where the eagle stands on.
  6. Flowers at the base of the shield.
  7. Nigeria’s motto (Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress) on the band around the base of the shield.

Meaning & Interpretations of The Meanings

The Black Shield in the Nigeria Coat of Arm: The black shield on the coat of arms represents Nigeria’s fertile soil. Nigeria’s soil is so rich both agriculturally and in terms of natural resources. So, it makes sense to represent her fertile soil on the coat of arm.

The “Y” Shape in the Nigeria Coat of Arm: Two white lines (wavy bands) form the “Y” shape in the Nigeria coat of arms, and it represents Nigeria’s main inland waterways – River Niger and River Benue. The two rivers meet to form a confluence at Lokoja.

The Two Horses: The two horses on the Nigeria coat of arms standing on each side of the shield represent Nigeria’s dignity.

The Eagle: The eagle on the Nigeria coat of arms represents the pride of Nigeria.

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The Wreath: The green and white wreath is where the eagle stands on in the Nigeria coat of arms and it represents the agricultural potential of Nigeria; it also stands for Nigeria’s rich soil.

The Flowers:  The red flowers at the base are Costus spectabilis, Nigeria’s national flower. This flower was chosen for inclusion in the coat of arms as it is found all over Nigeria and also stand for the beauty of the nation.

Unity & Faith, Peace & Progress: At the base of the shield is “Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress”, which is Nigeria’s national motto since 1978 (formerly “Peace, Unity, Freedom”).

Now, if you are looking for How To Draw The Nigerian Coat Of Arms, you must ensure you include all the above features of the Coat of Arms. Anyone omitted means it’s no longer the coat of Arms.


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