Ways To Know A Secured Website

Easy Ways To Know A Secured Website

There many things people do on the internet these days. Majority or all of these activities are carried out using a website. The activities are varied and diverse. They could include online shopping, online financial transactions, online importation and exportation, job recruitment etc. However, to carry out these often highly private/personal/business activities, internet users worry about the security of their actions. Consequently, it is pertinent to know how to identify a secured website. Here are the Easy Ways To Know A Secured Website.

Probably you are wondering, “What has this got to do with me?” Do not worry, I will let you know. Any time you access a website, information from your computer (or any device) is sent to the website and from the website to you. Often, these pieces of information are sent in plain texts that could be read and understood by anyone. The information could be used by scammers against you. However, having a secured website reassures you of the security of your data. This is why you should know the Easy Ways To Know A Secured Website.

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At one time or the other, you must have done online-shopping. As such, you fill in information containing your phone numbers, address, card numbers etc. At other times you seek for employment online and you submit your personal and private data etc. A secured website ensures these information are not stolen by scammers to hurt you. Being with the knowledge of the Easy Ways To Know A Secured Website prevents you from falling a victim of online theft.

Easy Ways To Know A Secured Website

There are simple yet effective Easy Ways To Know A Secured Website. Read below to know them. So, to know a secured website,

  1. Make sure the website starts with “https://” and not http://. This is where the trick lies. If the “S” is missing, then the website is not secured.
  2. Check out for a locked padlock in the address bar. The padlock isn’t just for fancy. Click on the padlock. It will reveal information about the websites security.

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If these two things are in place, be rest assured the website is secured. However, it does not necessarily mean that other websites without these two features are fake. Rather, it means that you must be careful. To be on the safe side, anything that has to do with personal and private data should be done in secured websites.

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