Ebonyi State University (EBSU) offers admission to her applicants that meet the requirements for the admission. Gaining an admission could be in different ways, with different timing and different requirements.

This page is to educate you on all of every matter regarding EBSU admission, including the supplementary admission. But not just that, you should also understand how all this works so that you know from today which and how to follow the EBSU admission form whenever it is released.

There are 4-ways to Gain admission into Ebonyi State University

  1. Jamb Direct Admission Listing
  2. EBSU Pre-Degree Admission Listing.
  3. Supplementary Admission and
  4. Direct Entry Admission

But on this page, will only be discussing Supplementary admission and part of Direct entry admission. Check around this website to read more about our previous articles to learn about Direct Entry, Pre-degree and Jamb admission requirements and applications.

What is EBSU Supplementary Form?

Supplementary admission is regarded as an alternative way offered by the institution to admit its applications. In other words a send-chance of gaining an admission. This opportunity is usually open to all JAMB-bits and Direct Entry applicants who are yet to gain admission or whose names weren’t listed among the JAMB Admission/EBSU Pre-Degree admission list.

How to Gain admission through EBSU Supplementary Admission Form

Once the Merit list is released with some sets of admission list, EBSU then announces for a second chance to offer for other to still apply. The reason being that some departments/faculties are still not complete to the required quota. So an opportunity is made available to admit more. But this time the pattern changes in the sense that;

→ Not all departments/faculties will be available to apply for during the Supplementary admission form process (you may be lucky).
→ The applicant will still have to pay money for the form.
→ Its still going to be an online registration like one applying for a fresh application for admission.

Before any candidate applies he/she makes sure that to reach the cutoff mark for the admission.


Here are Required Documents to Complete Either Direct Entry or Supplementary Form Online


  • 1. A Passport Photograph
  • 2. Olevel Certificates/Results (Scanned Copies of Results.)
  • 3. Tertiary institution Result Details for Direct Entry Candidates (for DE applicants Only).
  • 4. Jamb Result Details for Yr1 Candidates (For JAMB-Bit).



How To Check For EBSU Supplementary Online Portal www.ebsu-edu.net

Remember I had said from the start that one of the problems is the inability to navigate appropriately on clicking the correct link. So using the steps below will always lead you to the right page.

  1. login to www.ebsu-edu.net
  2. Then hover your mouse on “Admission”
  3. from Admission You hover again to the year-of-admission (that is for instance 2019/2020 admission)
  4. and from there you hover again and click on the supplementary form (that is for instance “2019/2020 supplementary form”Ebsu portal 1The point you should note is that this same process applies to any year you want to apply for this. So the year should give you a hint that the form is out and currently running.You can see the image above showing 2018/2019 admission and 2018/2019 supplementary form.  So that is what you should see – depending the year you want to apply or depending if the structure of Ebonyi State University website “www.ebsu-edu.net” changes, then you might notice a slight change too.

Now you see how and where to click to find the form, right?  Then its time to start your application using the steps below.

Please note that you will be making a big mistake if your intention is to use a Mobile Phone to carry out this task. You MUST use a computer. But not necessarily from a business centre. You can as well comfortably do this If you have your own personal computer/laptop.


How to Register EBUS Supplementary Admission Form Online

This should be a continuous from the above process. So we start numbering from #5 now.

5. On clicking the supplementary form (as mentioned in #4) it should take you to https://ebsu.edu.ng/app/admissions/applynow where you see further steps to follow to start and finish the application.

Ebsu portal 2

6. You can see from the image above that the first to do is making payment.

Crossing the stage requires you provide the following:

→ Your Surname
→ First Name
→ Email address
→ Mobile phone number
→ Jamb registration number
→ And a drop dropdown bar to select whether you are applying as a Direct Entry or Jamb or Supplementary.

Then click the “NEXT” button to move you to the payment portal where you generate a receipt to go make your payment in the bank. Or through the remita portal, you can also pay via online (atm card or internet banking). REMEMBER TO PRINTOUT EVERY NECESSARY PAGE OR SLIPS!

Please note that during the payment (on Ramita website) you will generate “Remita RRR” which you use to open the Direct Entry or Supplementary admission registration form.

7. And after the payment, you use the Remita RRR Number to login ebsu supplementary portal and start your registration. Submit your registration form once you’re done.

To start your application you have to click the “STEP2: After payment at the bank, Click here to Start Registration” link. And you will be required to enter Remita RRR before you can have access into the registration.

Once you enter the Remita RRR  click on “Submit” to start filling your form. Submit your form once you are happy with every information provided.

It will be important to print every printable pages and document. Ebonyi State University is very good at asking for photocopies… lol.

This is funny but serious! Make sure you have your printouts available.

In a situation where you stopped halfway completing your registration



→ Visit the school official Website -www.ebsu-edu.net
→ Click on check admission status (Regular)
→ Type in your JAMB Registration Number and scratch card PIN

Please note:

This process is applied to both JAMB, Direct Entry, Pre-Degree, and Supplementary Admission checkers

And also note that no higher institution in Nigeria admits people through an agent. Do not fall for any scammers.


Hope this page was helpful?

Please, I like to hear from you using the comment box. As your questions and you will get answers fast.

Also, share this page so that all EBSU applicants for admission will learn too.

Good Luck and Cheers!


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