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Full Details About EBSU 2015/2016 Supplementary Form (www.EBSU-edu.net)

In this article I shall be talking every thing you should know about EBSU 2015/2016 Supplementary Form because it is a very important excesses. Here you will understand the following;

  • What is Supplementary Form
  • Why do you need Supplementary Form
  • How to get Supplementary Form

What is Supplementary Form

Let me say that Supplementary Form is a second chance of getting admission into Ebonyi State University. I think some one will be asking why do they have this Supplementary Form in the institution? If we watch well, during admission both those who meet the cut off mark and those who did not are still given an admission later after the admission merit list most have been released .

Those who meet cut-off mark –  The first set of this category are been given admission on merit. Then the remaining once get admission through Supplementary admission list (even though they passed the mark), because not all will be on merit.

Those who did not reach cut-off mark – This categories of candidates still have the chance of getting an admission only if they do the following things;

  1. buy the Supplementary Form
  2. change their first choice of course to a lower course that reach their cut-off mark
  3. Get assistance which is optional.

Why do you need Supplementary Form

Like I have explain before, that you need this form to gain an admission into your second choice of course/department/faculty. That is if only you also meet the cut off point of that department or if there are still space left in that department, then they will gladly admit you. But you have to apply through Supplementary registration form.

How to Get EBSU 2015/2016 Supplementary Form

There are two ways to get the form.

  1. by coming down to the school campus
  2. by getting it from us

If you live in Ebonyi state for instance you do not need to get it from us. All you have to do is go down to CAS campus to get the form.

The service we run are for those who are not living close to school or coming from a far distance or living very far from the school. In any way.  If We most get it for you then we shall be needing the following details of your;

  1. Full name
  2. jamb registration number and score
  3. your first choice of course and the second choice (which will be for the supplementary admission)
  4. state of origin
  5. local government of origin
  6. names of parent or sponsors
  7. date of birth

NOTE: The above details should be sent to us via phone sms on 08032934651 or email address: onlinedailys.servive@gmail.com. please let the title of your message be “EBSU 2015/2016 Supplementary Form “.

Price of EBSU 2015/2016 Supplementary Form

We also want to inform you all that the EBSU 2015/2016 Supplementary Form is Free. But if you do not know how to do it, and to avoid any kind of mistake then you will have to make payment of N1,500 only into any of the account listed below, for Us to do the registration online for you

However, if you want us to buy and send to you, if possible do the registration process form you, then you will have to make payment for the EBSU 2015/2016 Supplementary Form in any of the account listed below;

GTBankBank Name: GTBank Plc
Account No: 0149651074

FIRST BANKBank Name: First Bank Plc
Account No: 3066151282

Text (SMS or Whatsapp) the following after payment to 08032934651:

  1. Full Name
  2. JAMB reg number
  3. 2 different choice of study/department
  4. State and local government of origin
  5. phone number and Teller number

Closing Date of Selling EBSU 2015/2016 Supplementary Form


  • Closing date is 9th October, 2015. There shall be no extension of registration. At the mid night of 9th the portal will no longer work. So do not wait for closing date to near before taking any action of buying the form.


If you have any questions or you are confuse in any of the part of this information, kindly use the comment box below.

Good Luck.


4 responses to “EBSU 2015/2016 Supplementary Form | www.EBSU-edu.net”

  1. ifeanyi

    is d suplementary form available now.and pls has all d names on merit been released?

    1. onlinedailys


  2. ogbeja henry ikechukwu

    when will ebsu start giving 2015/2016 admission to student

    1. onlinedailys

      Ending of this week. Or latest next week

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