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  1. Good morning Sir, please some one should show me what it’s means to use upper case to set eco online banking password

    • Good day, Uwaonu.
      An “Upper case” simply means “To CAPITALIZE your alphabet(s)”. An example of an Upper case is; A B C D E F N H K L O G F W, etc. Making a word with an Upper case could also mean for instance; BOY. GOOD, MONEY, etc.

      Whereas a “lower case” on there other hand means uncapitalize your alphabet(s). An example of a lower case is; a b c d e f j h r u o w, etc. Then making a words with a lower case could also mean for instance; boy, good, money, etc

      You could also decide to stare the initial of a word with an upper case, while making the rest lower case, an example of that are; Boy, Good, Money, etc

      It all depends on what you’re doing and the required format of the presentation.

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