Ecobank Internet Banking Registration Guideline

Ecobank Internet Banking Registration – The Ecobank internet banking allows you to create an account on the ecobank portal. This account allows you to carry out your banking online. It can also be called Ecobank Online Banking. We know that a lot of people do not know how to start this process. We will show you here.

Here are the features of the Ecobank Internet Banking registration:

  1. Enhanced security
  2. Real-time transactions
  3. Online payments
  4. Domestic and international transfers, including Rapid transfer
  5. 24/7 customer service support centre
  6. Direct email feedback

Ecobank Internet Banking Registration Guideline

There are two major ways to do this.

  1. Visit any Ecobank branch and request for the form.
  2. By online registration. That’s what we will show you here.

How To Register Ecobank Online Banking Registration

Here are your guidelines.

  1. Visit
  2. Select the country you are in e.g Nigeria from the drop down and select what you’d like to do which is “Activate an Ecobank Product”.
  3. On the next page select “Internet Banking”.
  4. Select the State in Nigeria in which you hold an Ecobank account and enter your account number in the field provided.
  5. Select the branch that in your state that you use. However, if you’re not sure don’t select anything.
  6. On the next page, enter your personal details
  7. On the next page you’ll be required to enter your contact details
  8. Download and print the request form.
  9. Take it to your Ecobank Account branch and submit
  10. Your Internet Login details would be sent to your mail.

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How To Login Ecobank Internet banking

  1. Goto or /
  2. Enter your Unique ID (the one sent to your mail).
  3. Enter your Unique Password (the one also sent to your mail).
  4. Confirm your secure image and message.

How To Transfer Fund

  1. Login into your Internet Banking Account.
  2. Select “In-Country Transfer”.
  3. Select which of your Ecobank Account(s) that you’ll like to transfer funds from.
  4. Fill the account details of the person you’re transferring to appropriately to avoid any mistakes.
  5. Enter the amount you wish to transfer.
  6. Complete a few more details and recheck the details of the transaction and confirm.

How To Check Your Account Balance

  1. Login into your internet banking account.
  2. Select “Account Summary” from the tab.
  3. The summary of your account balance would be displayed to you immediately.
  4. You can also check your account balance in another currency, just select from the drop down Menu.
  5. To get a more detailed information of your account balance, click on the account name.

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 How To Reset Your Unique Password

  1. Goto or /
  2. Click on Ecobank login or EcoBank Online
  3. Click on forgot password.
  4. Enter your Unique ID.
  5. Answer some of the few security questions.
  6. Once confirmed, a new unique password would be sent to your mail.

Do you have any question about the Ecobank Internet Banking Registration Guideline? Use the comment box below.


  1. Good morning Sir, please some one should show me what it’s means to use upper case to set eco online banking password

    • Good day, Uwaonu.
      An “Upper case” simply means “To CAPITALIZE your alphabet(s)”. An example of an Upper case is; A B C D E F N H K L O G F W, etc. Making a word with an Upper case could also mean for instance; BOY. GOOD, MONEY, etc.

      Whereas a “lower case” on there other hand means uncapitalize your alphabet(s). An example of a lower case is; a b c d e f j h r u o w, etc. Then making a words with a lower case could also mean for instance; boy, good, money, etc

      You could also decide to stare the initial of a word with an upper case, while making the rest lower case, an example of that are; Boy, Good, Money, etc

      It all depends on what you’re doing and the required format of the presentation.


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