Eight Qualities Of Oversea Employees You Must Have

Before you are employed in a foreign employment, aside the required specifications for the particular job, you are required to possess these Eight Qualities Of Oversea Employees. If you must stand a chance of being employed over other applicants, then you must possess these features. These qualities are needed very importantly.

Applying for and working in oversea employed jobs is very lucrative. You are usually paid in the currency of the employing country. For instance, the US Embassy in Nigeria can employ you in Nigeria here. Your salary comes in the US Dollars. However, amongst the numerous applicants, individuals who possess these Eight Qualities Of Oversea Employees will have the advantage.

So, what are these qualities? Let’s find out below.

Eight Qualities Of Oversea Employees

Overseas employees will demonstrate the following characteristics essential for being a successful member of the United States Embassy, Consulate, or Mission team:
1. Composure and Integrity: To stay calm, poised, and effective in stressful or difficult situations; to be fair and honest.
2. Cultural Adaptability: To work and communicate effectively and respectfully with others who are different (i.e. different gender, race, culture, sexual orientation, or religion); to recognize and respect differences.
3. Change and Initiative: To accept change in the workplace; to accept work assignments and persist in their completion to a high standard.
4. Experience and Motivation: To demonstrate knowledge and skills gained from previous experience; to express motivation for joining the United States Embassy, Consulate, or Mission.

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5. Information Integration and Resourcefulness: To absorb local and United States Government rules and regulation and apply them to work situations; to resolve problems using available resources and within the rules/regulations provided.
6. Tactfulness: To speak and write respectfully as a representative of the United States Embassy, Consulate, or Mission.
7. Planning and Organizing: To prioritize and order tasks effectively to maximize efficiency.
8. Working With Others: To interact in a cooperative and harmonious way; to work effectively as a team player; to establish positive relationships.

Those are the 8 qualities you must possess. While applying, you must have to include them in your CV/Resume. It will give you an added advantage.

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