Emails Of Registered Political Parties in Nigeria

Previously, we brought to you list of all registered political parties in Nigeria and the websites. Today, we have gathered the Emails Of Registered Political Parties in Nigeria for you. We hope you find them useful and important for whatever need you have them for. With these email addresses, you can engage in personal correspondence with these political parties.

Political parties play vital roles in the democratic and political development of the countries of the world. They are mostly a front for the representation of the interests of the masses in a country. As such, it is necessary for the masses to keep in contact with these political parties. This makes the Emails Of Registered Political Parties in Nigeria a very important knowledge for you.

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We will list these emails and the political parties for you below.

Emails Of Registered Political Parties in Nigeria

See the political parties and the available email addresses.

  • Action Alliance (AA) –
  • Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP) –
  • Action Democratic Party (ADP) –
  • Action Peoples Party (APP) –
  • All Blending Party (ABP) –,
  • Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) –
  • All Progressives Congress (APC) –
  • Grassroots Development Party of Nigeria (GDNP) –
  • National Rescue Movement (NRM) –
  • New Progressive Movement (NPM) –

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  • Nigeria Democratic Congress Party (NDCP) –
  • National Interest Party (NIP) –
  • Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) –
  • Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) –
  • Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA) –
  • Restoration Party of Nigeria (RP) –
  • Sustainable National Party (SNP) –,
  • United Progressive Party (UPP) –
  • Young Democratic Party (YDP) –
  • Young Progressive Party (YPP) –

The above listed political parties number does not indicate the total number of registered parties in Nigeria. Rather, these were the political parties whose email addresses were accessible. We shall be updating them when more are sourced.

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Please Note: you don’t have to contact any of these parties if you don’t have any important issue to relay across. The essence of these Emails Of Registered Political Parties in Nigeria is for important and vital issues. As such. Maturity and decorum are expected in the use of this privileged information.

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