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How To Enable & Use WhatsApp Biometric Authentication For iPhone

The WhatsApp biometric authentication is a new feature that is recently added to WhatsApp for iPhone users. This latest update brings the anticipated biometric authentication that allows users to lock the WhatsApp on their iPhone models by deploying the native Face ID or Touch ID. As a result, WhatsApp security features have been enhanced.

This WhatsApp Biometric Authentication includes Face ID and Touch ID on iOS. It is said that this new feature is similar to how Outlook and Signal authentication works as well. With this new biometric authentication feature for iPhone device, all Whatsapp users can now lock the messaging app by the use of native Face ID or Touch ID.

How To Enable WhatsApp Biometric Authentication

You have to follow this guideline to enable this feature on your iOS WhatsApp. With the latest WhatsApp update, you can lock the WhatsApp app with Face ID or Touch ID

  1. Go to
  2. Then, click on Account. Next, Privacy and then finally, Screen Lock.
  3. Once you moved to the Screen Lock screen, the app shows the available authentication method – either Face ID or Touch ID – that you can enable to lock your WhatsApp.
  4. You can also choose whether you want the biometric authentication requirement immediately or after an interval of a minute, 15 minutes, or an hour.

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Important Note

WhatsApp still allows users to reply to messages from notifications and answer calls, without requiring biometric authentication. Also, once unlocked after successfully detecting the correct biometrics – either through Face ID or Touch ID feature – the instant messaging app opens access to all your messages. This means the latest development doesn’t lock your WhatsApp chats on an individual basis.

To experience the new change, you need to download the latest WhatsApp version from the App Store. The app is 137.7MB in size and is compatible with iPhone models running iOS 8.0 and above.

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Does This Work For Android Phones?

Currently, this new Whatsapp authentication works for only iOS phones. It is rumoured that the feature will be extended to whatsapp. But, there is nothing current on that yet. We will surely update you as soon as the android version is added.

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