English Premier League Longest Winning Streak Since 1992

Following Chelsea’s 1-0 win against Crystal palace on Saturday which made them win 11 out of 11, we bring to you the English Premier League Longest Winning Streak Since 1992. Since 1992, many teams have gone on a long winning streak. But, which team has gone the longest winning run? Will Chelsea still continue their winning streak? Read on.

To win a match is not an easy thing. When you go on a run to win even 5, it takes something special. Many of the teams with the longest streak have gone on to win the league title that year. Where does Chelsea’s current 11 games winning stretch place them? What about the Gunner’s “Invincibles” of 2001/2? You will find out all these as you read on the English Premier League Longest Winning Streak Since 1992.

English Premier League Longest Winning Streak Since 1992

14 – Arsenal – February to August 2002:

Arsenal went 13 games unbeaten to win the EPL title in 2002. The Arsenal “Invincibles” won all league games from February 2002 till winning the league in May. They also won the first game of the next season against Birmingham before drawing 2-2 against West Ham to end the run. This run still remains the record in the EPL.

12 – Manchester United – March to August 2000:

Just like Arsenal above, Manchester United won 11 games on a stretch to win the league in the 1999/2000. They scored 37 goals in the process. They also won the title by an 18pt gap over second-placed team. The winning run extended into the following season before unfolding against Ipswich 1-1.

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11 – Chelsea – April to September 2009:

Chelsea’s streak was started by then Interim coach, Guus Hiddink and completed by Carlo Ancelotti. Wigan defeated Chelsea in a game which had Petr Cech sent off. Notwithstanding, Chelsea and Ancelotti went on the win the League title and FA Cup double that season.

11 – Manchester United – December 2008 to March 2009:

Sir Alex Ferguson and Cristiano Ronaldo led Manchester United to an 11-game winning run. This feat was achieved in-between their travels for the FIFA Club World Cup. The run was ended by Liverpool (who else?) in a 4-1 thumping. That, at Old Trafford!!! Not to worry though, Manchester United ended up winning the league by a 4pt advantage.

11 – Liverpool – February to April 2014:

Liverpool mounted a serious title challenge. They won 11 games on a stretch while playing one of the most beautiful team games in the EPL. Led by the colossus Suarez, Liverpool was almost unstoppable. However, their 2-0 lose to Chelsea was melting point as they surrendered their lead and the title to eventual winners, Manchester City.

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11 – Manchester City – April to September 2015:

Manchester City’s winning streak ran over two seasons. They won all the last 6 games of the season as Chelsea won the title. The run was completed in the following season when they won 5 games before losing to West Ham United.

With Chelsea still unbeaten, will they go all the way to beat Arsenal’s record? Will they win the league? With Bournemouth next, can they be stopped? What is your view? Drop your comments in the box below. Thanks for visiting.

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