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Do you trade stock? Then you need a platform that should enable you to analyze, discuss and invest in your favorite assets in Real Time.

You may have been finding a perfect place to trade 100% stocks and 0% commission. eToro gives you that feeling and making you realize your confidence in trading on the world’s leading social trading platform.

It has the tools start trading cryptocurrencies, stocks and other top markets, faster than you can say “goojybooboo”.

eToro Review – Why you may consider using eToro Trading

eToro is a social trading and multi-asset brokerage company sited in Cyprus, Israel, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia.

It is focused on providing financial and copies of trading services to follow and succeed in being a stock trader. This is a platform where the Pros (sharing trading ideas) and the up-comings trader make money. You will see how the Pro-traders make an extra income as you read down this page.

This’s why it has a community of professional investors and traders that keep discovering the smartest ways of investing, also providing a copy-trade that newbies automatically copy and be on the winning side.

Trading and wining like the Pros is a good feeling, and as time goes on you’ll become a Pro-stock trader too.

You might want to ask;

“Why will anyone want to revel its successful trading metrics?”

The eToro platform gives a huge reason to enjoy reviling what’s working by the Pros.

And guess what it it?

Those Pros sharing ideas earn a second income when their strategies are copied.

So if you’re also a Pro trader, then you should understand that eToro gives you more edge to earn money.

Stop losing money and stop engaging in so-called “trying and error” strategies – just start today by signing up for free and utilize every tool and channels eToro has provided for its traders to succeed.

Below we have shown how to create an eToro account for free. Follow the steps, use the comment box below to express yourself if any question arises while following the steps.

eToro Trading Account Sign Up

1.Visit the main website (Here) and click “SIGN UP”

  1. Fill out the eToro registration from.

Simple requirements to signup; Your name, email address, phone number, and password you create for login access into your eToro account.

Alternatively, Google and Facebook account users can also use these to sign up, simply clicking on any of the two third party accounts you have (Facebook or Google account).

We have explained further on how to sign up for eToro account with Facebook and how to Signup for eToro account using Google account.

eToro Trading Account Review | eToro Sign Up - Sign in Trading Page 1

3. Check the two boxes to agree with the terms and conditions, then click on “Create Account“.

4. To start, you will need to complete your profile account by clicking “Complete Profile”

The click “Continue” to open the profile page.

On the profile page you need to fill out your gender, date of birth. Then click on the “Forward-Next” arrow (at the bottom of the form).

Then enter your location information, and enter your international password ID number (Click here to learn where to locate your passport ID number), then remember checking the box that”you are not a citizen of USA”, and click the “Forward-Next”.

What is your trading experience?

Next, you will share your trading experience when filling out the form. I suggest you check the “Never traded

Now you also have to select your level of knowledge, there are Three categories of knowledge, PLUS additional option for those who haven’t got any idea before – will check the box “”I have no financial knowledge”

It is better to indicate your level of knowledge to enable eToro to groom you from scratch until you become a professional. So don’t be shy about it!

How much to invest

5. Now select the instruments that you plan investing on. Check the boxes or box and click on the “Forward-Next”.

Select how long you plan to leave your positions open. This is called the “Treading Strategy”. Select your option and click on the “Forward-Next”.

6. eToro finds it important for you to state out your purpose of trading. In other word, what you aim to achieve. You can’t check more than one boxes even if they best describes your purpose.

7. Now its time you select how much you want to invest over the time being of your trading in eToro trading platform. Amount starts from $1,000 and above.

Select your occupation and financial status. Read and confirm the terms of agreement of eToro Trading account.

eToro Trading Account Verification Process

Now, its time to complete the last part of eToro registration process. You have the option to verify your account and to deposit. Select anyone to start with.

Verify your account, eToro will send an SMS to the phone number you added during the registration.

You should get an SMS to input in the box, then click on “Verify”.

The next verification process is to provide either the image your passport or any other Government ID card.

The passport has its button to upload, the same ID card has a separate button too.

The same apply – on the next page. You need to provide either a Utility bill copy or Bank account statement.

The next is to provide your Tax Identification number.

You’ll get a notification from eToro once your account is approved.

But for the main time (while waiting for the approval) eToro will display on the screen the maximum amount you can invest (deposit) to start trading.

Depositing/Funding eToro Trading account

8. From this ending of account verification process you can click on the “Deposit Funds” to start trading on your eToro trading account.

Also, from the home page, you can see the “Deposit Funds”.

You can fund your eToro online trading account via;

  • credit or debit card,
  • skill,
  • wire Transfer,
  • Neteller or
  • UnionPay

Select the best channels to use fund your account, then proceed to complete the funding.

Please note that $200 is the minimum deposit amount to fund.

Hope this page was useful?

Please leave your comments below, hoping to hear your contributions.


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