Facebook.com login | www.Fb.com | Sign in/Sign Up

In this Online Tutorial I shall be showing you, via article write-up and Videos  on how to Sign in or sign up for new facebook.com account. I think you should know that with the help of Facebook we can chat with others, send text messages, make Video calls for free, share Images, Audio call, upload and receive Files.

Facebook.com website was officially launched on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) with his college mates Andrew McCollum, Eduardo Saverin, Chirs Huges and Dustin Moskovitz. Initially Facebook it was limited to Harvard students, but later it started expanding to other colleges and universities.

On the other hand, It was recorded that Facebook reached a market capitalization of $212 billion as of February 2015.

Facebook.com is one of the largest social networking site ranking 2nd position in world wide with Alexa and Google ranking of 9, which has nearly 1.56 billion active users monthly.

Facebook.com login | www.Fb.com Sign in Page

Facebook.com login

The above image shows www.Fb.com Sign in Page. But note that you need to have created a facebook account before you start login in  facebook.

Facebook.com login | www.Fb.com Sign in

  1. Facebook.com login page by visiting www.facebook.com or www.fb.com
  2. You are required to enter your email address and password in the www.facebook.com login box show above. Please note that the best way to sign in facebook is by email address which could be inform of; john@yahoo.com, john@gmail.com, john@hotmail.com, etc.
  3. Tap or click the “sign In” button to enter you facebook account.


Facebook.com Sign Up | www.Fb.com Create Account

1. In order to use Facebook features, we have to be a registered user.
2. I will guide you how you can Sign up or create an Facebook account.
3. First, go to official website Www.Fb.Com or www.facebook.com
4. A sign up form will appear where you have to provide some details like First name, last name, email address, mobile number, password, date of birth and gender (As shown below)
5. After filling all the details, click on Sign Up button which is present in green color at the bottom.
6. Now Facebook will login to your account and it will ask some random of questions.
7. if you don’t want to provide information, you can skip the steps by clicking Skip the process button at the bottom right.
8. Facebook will send an confirmation email containing a link and verification code as shown below.
9.You need to click  on Confirm You Account button and your account gets validated.
10. Done!! Now you have learned how to Create Facebook Account.

Facebook.com login and Sign Up | www.Fb.com ( Video Tutorial)

Features of www.Facebook.com | www.FB.com

  • Facebook Video Call : when we open chat box, we can see a video camera option next to close tab. if you want to video call you friend,  then click that button which will enable video calling.
  • Last Seen : Facebook have recently added last seen feature in chat box. By this feature, you can find whether your friend have seen the recent messages of not.
  • Facebook.com Stickers : Facebook also added new collection of animated smileys which are really awesome. You can install more varieties of smileys from sticker store.
  • Facebook Groups : Through Facebook groups, we can also create separate groups for people where information can be kept confidential.
  • Fb Pages : Page are those where we need to like them and we will be getting particular updates of that brand or organisation.
  • What’s on your mind? : Through this feature, you can post what you are thinking, share photos and text messages.
  • facebook News feeds : With news feeds feature, you will get updates of your friends activity.


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