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Facebook Developers Account Registration – Click here to Signup Facebook for Developers

The Facebook Developers Account Registration is the page that allows you integrate you websites or app into facebook, using the App ID and Facebook App Secret. But going through this for the first time you also must have created a facebook account (or create a new one now). Then start setting up the Facebook for developers account to get your Facebook App Secret and App id.

This page has fully explained how to start your Facebook Developers Account Registration and get the necessary codes you need to integrate you facebook with your website or/and app.


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Full Steps On Facebook Developers Account Registration

  1. Log on to Facebook Developers Account Registration page here (https://developers.facebook.com)
  2. Click on “Create App”
  3. Enter your preferred “Display Name”.  when the  form pop-up which already have your email account used to signup for facebook account. In some cases if the email address does not appear then you have to enter it  in the required box
  4. Click on “Create App ID” Image: Facebook Developers Account Registration
  5. Another pop-up for you to enter the code the way you see it. Entering the code correctly proves you are not a robot creating Facebook for developers Logo: Facebook Developers Account Registration 2
  6. Once the code is entered correctly and on clicking the “Submit” you wait for your Facebook for Developers account page opens. Now there you see your “App ID”, “Facebook App secret code” and other APIs features you may need to integrate with Facebook.


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But note that to see your Facebook App Secret you need to click the “Show” then a pop-up box requesting you to enter your Facebook account password confirming you are the real owner access sure an important area of your account.

Facebook App Secret Page

Once the account password is entered the Facebook App Secret show so that you can copy or write down or what so ever you want to do with it.

Hope this page has been useful to you?

Use our comment box below if in case you have any questions or challenges following these steps above.



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