Fantastic Online Platform to Become Fluent in any Foreign Languages in 2Weeks

I know how challenging it use to be when you have an important deal or appointment, but language barrel becomes the order of the day. Maybe you want to study abroad – you need to learn their languages the speak. Or you are going for Job assignment  – you also need to learn language of that country in question.

Never mind because a one-on-one teacher will be standing by you to tutor you and correct you of every mistake until be come fluent in any language of your interest.

DO you want to ask HOW? Check the topic, says “Fantastic Online Tools to Become fluent in any Foreign Languages“. This means you will have a real-time teacher to always put you through once you login. Oh…Yes, you have to create an account free, to access those online teachers.

How Does It Work?

Once you have made up your mind to start, there are FOUR ways to start;

  1. Select from any of the platform listed below and sign up
  2. Select a Language you want to start learning.
  3. Select a Teacher. those platform to help you  become fluent in any language has thousands of teachers you can have access to.
  4. Now, its time for you to set up schedule to start learning.


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Here Are Best Online Platform to Become Fluent in any Language in 2Week


italki logoI highly recommend because it has any easy platform to easily understand and work on. Apart from that fact, There are thousands of teachers from all over the world to help you improve your foreign language skills fast. also provides 1-on-1 online lessons with native language teachers, and connect to people around the world.

Its a very large language community place of over 3,000,000 language learners and More than 5,000 Teachers. This platform have also created a place to overcome the limits of traditional language schools.

How works

  • After selecting your personal teacher, now your teacher provides you with your first tutorial video introduction to watch, and read reviews from previous students.
  • Choose date and time that’s convenient for you to learn.
  • And finally you have the ability to Take your lesson on Skype or other video chat software. So cool!


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lang8 logo community made second on this page. It’s also a good place to learn and become very familiar with speaking languages you desire. Speakers from more than 190 countries and 90 languages to study, Making the process of finding a language partner more easier that ever.

Lang-8 is a journal based website where you write an entry in your target language and then a native or someone fluent will correct it for you.


How Lang-8 works

  • first you have to create an account free.
  • Then on the platform available to you, you Post in the language that you are learning.
  • Native speakers correct your writing.
  • When you become fluent, its now your turn to return the favor by helping others learn your native language. This process also makes you become better very day.


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LinguaPlex page

LinguaPlex is another great online platform to meet professional Native language instructors. As a matter of fact users also have the ability extending conversation via video calling. This means there will be no difference between a classroom and Linguaplex foreign language learning – online, when you have your teacher directly on your screen teaching you all you want to learn.

other things to achieve includes;

  • Assess your current level
  • Discuss your goals, needs, and schedule
  • Receive a personalized learning plan
  • Reach your learning goals!



Mango page

Mango makes language learning arena become a fun place by preparing learners for realistic conversations and strengthens everyday communication skills in over 70 world languages, including English.



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Busuu page

Busuu is an innovative online community for learning foreign languages. You can write, as well as speak and you instantly get your corrections from native speakers. There are so many feature to leverage on; for instance, that allows you do voice chat with others.

Busuu gives members the ability to learn languages in a natural way. You will enjoy their tool because they are also one of the best stand-alone online language learning tool.


You can signup today with anyone, they are all good to go.


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