Fastest Means To Get Company Tax Clearance Certificate In Nigeria

For every business, it is very important to have your Company’s tax clearance certificate (TCC). Businesses in Nigeria pay tax to support the government in the provision of infrastructural facilities and also in realizing its set objectives. Government in turn, issue tax clearance certificate as a proof that the tax payer has satisfied government requirements for the category of business he or she is involved in. We will show you how to get company Tax clearance certificate in Nigeria.

Tax Clearance Certificate is an important documents necessary for various corporate transactions by both individuals and corporate organisations in Nigeria. Anyone who carries out a taxable transaction is eligible to register for Tax clearance certificate. Let’s show you how to do this.

How To Get Company Tax Clearance Certificate

Let us see the needed requirements before you apply.


Below are the requirements you need to get company tax clearance certificate in Nigeria.

1. The full name and other relevant details of the registered Company / applicant;
2. Tax Identification Number (TIN);
3. Period of submission of returns;
4. Amount of taxable income;
5. Amount of tax income to be registered

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Actually, obtaining a company Tax clearance certificate in Nigeria is often not straightforward. That is why you need to be guided. We highly recommend that you get the services of a consultant who can handle the process for you.  However, below are the steps you should follow to ensure you carry this out by yourself.

  1. First, you will need to obtain a TIN (Tax Identification Number) if you haven’t done so.
  2. Afterwards, you can proceed to apply for Value Added Tax (VAT). You will need the following documents to do this
    1. Complete Application for VAT Registration Form (Form 001)
    2. Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, CTC of Form CAC2 & CAC 7
  3. After you have gotten the TIN and the VAT, you can then go ahead to apply for Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC).
  4. You will need some documents we will list below for you.
  5. Upon receipt of the completed taxpayer registration input form and all documents, a tax reference number will be is allocated.

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Required Documents For Company Tax Clearance Certificate

Below are the list of documents you will need to carry this out.

  1. Application for Tax Clearance Form – In Triplicate
  2. Taxpayer registration input form (TRIF/2006/001 COYS);
  3. Completed FIRS questionnaire for new tax payers on the Company’s Letter Head addressed to the Tax Controller
  4. Copy of memorandum and articles of association
  5. Copy of the certificate of incorporation
  6. Letter of appointment of tax adviser and a letter of acceptance
  7. The application forms must be in triplicate and the original certificate of incorporation must be presented for ‘sighting’ by the controller.
  8. Proceed and Submit the documents to the Tax Office where you register and obtain your company taxpayer identification number and register for VAT.
  9. A tax reference number will be given to the applicant upon acknowledgment of the completed taxpayer registration input form and all required documents, after that you can then file an application for the tax clearance certificate which will be available in due date.

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Company Tax Clearance Certificate Fees

For newly registered companies within 6 months of incorporation, tax clearance certificate it is FREE OF CHARGE. However, for an incorporated company yet to commence business requesting for tax clearance certificate after 6 months of incorporation, a pre-operation levy of N25,000 is payable for the first time and N20,000 is payable for subsequent years until the company files a notice of commencement of business.

If you still have any question concerning Get Company Tax Clearance Certificate, we recommend you get the services of a tax consultant to help you through.

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