Feasibility Study on Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria – How to Start

Feasibility Study is a very important tools that is use in the analysis of a new business. Feasibility Study is defined as the practicability or possibility and the probability that a dream or idea can be actualized.

Any idea, dream or opportunity that cannot be put into practice for whatever reason, will die and will not lead one to becoming an entrepreneur. Feasibility, therefore answers the question ”Can it be Done”

As a beginner, Feasibility Study on Recharge Card Printing Business is important you go through and understand what you are about engaging into. Trying to know whether starting recharge card printing business is feasible will us into discussing the business environment.

This business environments includes but not limited to;

LEGAL : To state recharge card printing business in Nigeria, you will have to ask and check if the business is in any way against the law of the country. Of which recharge card printing business is a free business where by the Recharge card Dealer and Sub-dealers are register member which the various network provider as given then an authority to do the business after they have provided  the necessary. That is to say that the recharge card printing business in Nigeria is a legal business. It dose not require any special or skillful person  to start up.

Economic : In this place you should consider how the economic of the country can make you get your profit because you are going into this recharge card printing business to make profit. Now, in recharge card printing business in Nigeria, you as a starter or even when your business is grow to the extent you need it, you should understand that before purchasing for the Pin from the Dealers the tax (VAT) as already been added so you not pay for any again as you continue. The ability for you to get a good and reliable dealer determines your profit. You can imagine when you buy a N100 for N92 or N93, or N1000 for N980

Socio-Cultural : What you also have to look into is if the society is happy and enjoy the recharge card printing business. Now you know that recharge cards are used even in the rural areas, city, schools, office, etc. recharge card printing business is a welcomed Business in Nigeria generally.

Technological : The technology or rather tools use in this Business is Cheap, can be transported freely, Portable, and if fault we have technologist who can take good care of it. Sure tools are; Computer, Printer, Blue Bamboo (New machine for printing without computer, printer and even software) and software. In all this tools you must not be an expat before you can operate on them.

Political : As the nature of our country, when even there is new administration there will also be a new policy which most time affect existing business and the upcoming business. But it does not affect recharge card printing business because the world as gone to the extent that no one can do with out communication whether in business or any other activities.

You can get material to start up the recharge card printing business from us by making a payment of N4,000 Only. We have the comprehensive list of Recharge Card Pin Dealers which we have monitoring their performance.

Material Need to start up recharge card printing business;

  1. Computer (but if  you do not have a personal computer you can be going to a cyber cafe)
  2. printer
  3. software
  4. comprehensive list of Recharge Card Pin Dealers (Their Phone No, Office Address, Price they sale, and their website)
  5. User guide (Mini Teacher)

But what we shall be giving out after making the payment (N4,000 Only) is Software, comprehensive list of Recharge Card Pin Dealers and User guide (Mini Teacher). All this will be sent to your email address.

Account Details to make the payment;

Account Number: 0149651074
Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank Plc (GTBank PLC)


Account Number: 3066151282
Bank Name: First Bank plc

After making the payment (N4,000 only) into any of the Bank account, send your; Name, E-mail Address and Teller Number to 08032934651. You are also free to call for more info.

After going through this Feasibility Study on Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria, you will discover the no mater the number of people into the business there is still profit for both the up coming and already existing once.

For thous who may be interested in the Blue Bamboo, is sold for N65,000 Only. call to get more information.

Order for your Package now and get start. Because its your time if only you make a move!

Good Luck!


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