First Bank ATM Cardless Withdrawal Code

First Bank ATM Cardless Withdrawal Code

A lot of people are yet to come to terms that money can be withdrawn from the ATM without an ATM card. To these folks, it’s possible. But, just take a minute and evaluate things you considered “Impossible” 5 years ago. Now, how many of them are still “Impossible”? The First Bank ATM Cardless Withdrawal Code makes it POSSIBLE for you to withdraw money from the ATM without having to use your debit card.

Of course, the ATM is primarily known to work using a debit/credit card. However, things change. And, more things will still change with time. So, it is actually very possible to withdraw money from the ATM without ever having to slot in your debit card. I hear you ask “how can that be?” That’s the spirit. Let’s just show you the “how”.

First Bank ATM Cardless Withdrawal Code

Below are the steps to follow to carry out the Firstbank Cardless withdrawal in Nigeria.

  1. Dial *848*Amount#
  2. Fill in the required details and authenticate the transaction with your PIN
  3. You will be asked to generate a 4-digit one-time PIN, create the PIN then press send
  4. You will receive a paycode through SMS or email
  5. Go to the nearest First Bank Cardless enabled ATM
  6. Enter you personal PIN and select Cardless Withdrawal
  7. Enter your 4-digit One time PIN and paycode
  8. Next, enter the amount and your phone number
  9. Wait a few minutes for your account to be verified after which your cash will be dispensed
  10. Receive your cash.

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Benefits Of The Cardless Feature

  1. This unique and simplified feature allows you to withdraw cash without the use of a debit or credit card
  2. Allows you to transfer funds simply and safely
  3. No need to worry about hackers hacking your bank account since the payout code is valid for only 24 hours thus it ensures that your transactions are safe and secure
  4. Saves the stress of worrying and rushing to get a new card if your card is damaged or misplaced
  5. Also, you can transfer funds to a third party who can get the cash all without using a card.

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Now you have the First Bank cardless ATM withdrawal code, you can decide to make use of this feature. Questions are welcomed on this portal. let’s hear from you below.

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