How to Fix ads.txt files on Approved Sites in 10 Seconds

You may have gotten a notification that “The ads.txt file for your website(s) is either missing or is not up-to-date.”, Meanwhile, you don’t necessarily have to wait for this notification before Fix ads.txt files on Approved Sites. Once sites are approved, note that the next step will be to add the ads.txt file (if you didn’t add it before applying for approval). homepage for ads.txt file notification image

This page will take you by hand to show how to Fix ads.txt files on Approved Sites. So all you have to do is follow the steps below.

On your account (ads.txt settings) there are several signals or notifications you may see attached to each of your approved sites. Below are possible notifications you should expect to see and their meanings;

  • Unknown – The ads.txt file status is unknown. Please click on the refresh action to get the latest status.
  • Ads.txt not found – Ads.txt file is not present inside your site root file.
  • Critically Unoptimized – Ads.txt file exists, but does not include’s ads.txt entry or some of their premium ad partners.
  • Unoptimized – entry is present but some of our other ad partners are missing.
  • Status not resolved – Here you’ve inserted the ads.txt file of the system still encountering an error fetching the ads.txt file from the domain.
  • Optimized – Ads.txt detected and all entries are present.

What is As.txt File And Why It Is Important?

 In this context, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) initiated the ads.txt project to support transparency in digital media transactions. It helps advertisers identify if someone else is trying to counterfeit inventory in your name.

Advertisers are now actively seeking publisher inventory with ads.txt and have also begun blocking unauthorized impressions from sites that do not have up-to-date ads.txt files.

How to Fix ads.txt files on Approved Sites

This process applies to all CMS platforms, including WordPress. Simply go to your site root-file and – either create an ads.txt file (to copy the ads.txt file into it) or download the ads.txt file and upload it to your site’s home root-file area.

See how it shows on the root-file area;

ads txt file manager image

Already Has An Existing Ads.txt File Created

In some cases where you already have the ads.txt file created, maybe because you currently have other advertising companies (like Google AdSense, ClickInfo, etc) – then you won’t have to create another ads.txt file, instead, you “edit” the existing ads.txt file and add the ads.txt information inside the existing file you have and “Save” changes.

For WordPress Users: There are plugins that help you insert codes into your site root-files if you can’t have access to your site cPanel. But the limitations sometimes include that you lost your settings when the plugins are deleted. Some AdSense or Advertisement code placement are examples of plugins you can use.

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Where To Get The Ads.txt File

  1. Login to your account – using your email and password to gain access.
  2. When you first login you may see a notification that “You are losing out on revenue! Update your Ads.txt” close that and navigate to the “Ads.txt Settings” Menu on the life side of the page.
  3. Click on the button “Optimize”
How to Fix ads.txt files on Approved Sites in 10 Seconds 1
  1. You should see a pop-up containing your ads.txt file for the approved website. Now you have the option to either;
    Copy text to clipboard – if you already have an existing ads.txt created in your site or root file. So what you now need to do is go to the ads.txt file you created already (after you’ve clicked on “copy text to clipboard”) and paste the file you copied in a new line.
    – Download Ads.txt – is will download the file and all you need to do is to go to your domain/site root file and upload the file you downloaded. Automatically it will be titled “adse.txt”.
  2. Then remember to save your settings done on your website or cPanel area.
  3. Then come back to your ads.txt files settings on and click on the “Refresh” right on the same page or close the pop-up and click the “refresh” icon (shown in the last image on #7).
How to Fix ads.txt files on Approved Sites in 10 Seconds 2
  1. You will notice that the notification will then change to “Optimized” – that means Media.txt has identified the ads.txt file you uploaded and that resolves/fix the ads.txt files on approved sites. ads.txt optimized image

You may repeat the same steps on your other Approved Sites to get the same successful result.

How to Confirm Your Ads.txt is Working Correctly

After you’ve clicked on the “Refresh” icon (as shown on the image above) you should see a green notification under that “Status” saying “Optimized” then you can be sure that your ads.txt file working correctly.

But remember that you MUST save your settings on your site or cPanel before come to lick on the refresh icon.

Do you have other challenges that you want us to share? Please do let us know in the comment box below.

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