Learn how to FIX Computer”power surge on the USB port” Issue in 1Min

PC power surge on the usb port Issue image

Have you been experiencing a consistent pop-up that your “power surge on the USB port” and you have clicked on it and click on the “reset” options after; yet not resolved? You can get it FIXED in less than 1minute.

I do understand how annoying and super frustrating this could be some times. But its not a big deal though.

The same thing had happed on my end too, but in less than a minute I was able to resolve the issue using these steps you will be seeing below this page.

Not everything that actually happens you on your computer you MUST carry to a PC technician (like this issue of “power surge on the USB port”) to bill you unnecessarily just for one or two clicks he initiated to get the issue resolved.

This page will take you by hand on how to fix the issue of “power surge on the USB port” popping up on your screen.

In fact, to make everything easy, we have included images to illustrate the step-by-step process of fixing this simple issue once and for all.

And note; We have used Windows 10 OS for this tutorial. But in case your Windows was Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 – you could simply identify by the options and areas we have visited in our Windows 10 then find yours.

Steps to Fixing “Power surge on the USB port” Issue in Computer

  1. Click on your “Windows Start” button
  2. Then click on ‘Settings

    power surge on the usb port image 1

  3. Then click on “System“.
    Under the system option are the following option; Display, sound, notifications, power.
    power surge on the usb port image 2

  4. Then click on “Power and Sleep“.
  5. Then navigate to the right-side of the page and click on ” Additional power settings” under Related Settings.

    power surge on the usb port image 4

  6. On clicking the “Additional power settings” you will see another pop-up page. This page contains your Battery power option.

    Now, on “Balance (recommended)” click on “Change plan settings“.

    power surge on the usb port image 5

  7. Then on the next page click on “Change advance power settings”.

    power surge on the usb port image 6

  8. Then another pop-up page opens, scroll below and click on the “USB settings” + icon to collapse the options.

    Then further click on the + icon of “USB selective suspend settings” to also collapse options.

    Now, you may either see both;
    On battery: Enabled
    Plugged in: Enabled

    Or you may see either of them; click on the “Enabled” and re-select “Disabled” for both options.

    power surge on the usb port image 7 & 8

  9. Then click on “Apply”.
  10. Then click on “OK”.

    power surge on the usb port image 9

  11. Then reboot (restart) your computer for this change to be implemented.

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