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How to Fix WhatsApp Video Calling Issues on Mobile Phones

LOGO: Fix WhatsApp Video Calling Issues

Ever since Facebook company took-over WhatsApp, they’ve been putting possible effort to make WhatsApp the best app in the world. And checkout today, all over the whole world WhatsApp is been used for quick communication through quick text messaging, sharing pictures, voice recording chat, now is the video calling which has been so amazing experience for some users who already are using it without issue.

Its true and not a crime that some people will be facing challenges using the WhatsApp Video Calling app, but that is the reason this page is here – to enlighten you and show you how to to Fix WhatsApp Video Calling Issues on Mobile Phones fast.

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But first we need to point out what problem most of our readers have encountered before now:

  • To some people the whatsapp video call icon is not visible
  • while some can see the video calling icon but when they tap to video-call their contact an error shows up.

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Do you face this too?? Its simple and straight to solve the issue using the instructions below.


List of All Possible Problems of WhatsApp Video Call App On Mobile Phone

  • Not downloading the right whatsapp app
  • Whatsapp needs Update
  • Contact not on whatsapp
  • Contact’s whatsapp needs update
  • Network problem or low

Before proceeding to the possible steps on how to fix WhatsApp Video Calling Issues on Mobile Phones, its also encouraging to read How To Make WhatsApp Video Calls here, to get fresh knowledge of whatsapp video call.

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How to Fix WhatsApp Video Calling Issues on Mobile Phones

  • Download The Right WhatsApp

Some people do not know how whatsapp looks like or how to download whatsapp latest version for android, iPhone or Windows phone. WhatsApp is a very popular app in the sense that every smartphone has it, but in case you sill what to download the app click here.

  • Update Your WhatsApp

If you have a new phone note that you have to update every Apps on the phone (including the whatsapp and Google playstore most especially). New phones comes with application but most of them needs updates in order to function well.

Also your contact – you can educate them to download a new whatsapp or update (if they already downloaded the app). Without that when you try calling the contact, there will be a notification popping on your phone screen that your contact need to download the latest app.

  • If your WhatsApp video calling icon not showing

In some cases where the video calling icon doesn’t show then two things should be involved, as follows: its either Your phone is low and not compatible to carry whatsapp video call feature or your whatsapp needs an update.

  • Poor or No Internet Network Settings

In a situation whereby all the above issues has been checked and taken care of, and yet the the issue persist then simply check your internet settings or check active internet connection. You will need a strong and active internet connection to experience smooth WhatsApp video calling.

So by now you should understand that every Whatsapp video call requires a strong network to enjoy the features and all other whatsapp features.

I hope this article will guide you well how to fix WhatsApp Video Calling Issues on your Mobile Phones? Use our comment box below if any further error occurs if after following the guide on this page.



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