Flour Mills Recruitment Account Registration Portal

Flour Mills Recruitment Account Registration Portal – Flour Mills of Nigeria is one of the highest employers of labor in Nigeria. Yearly, they release many application vacancies which members of the public can apply for. However, for you to apply to any vacancy on the Flour Mill job recruitment portal, you must be registered with them. Which is why we are bringing this to you.

The Flour Mills Recruitment Account Registration Portal allows you to create an employee account with the Flour Mills of Nigeria. Through this portal, you can submit your CV, resume and cover letters. You can also apply for available job recruitment as well as editing your CV and profile as need be. We will show you how you can create this account easily here.

Flour Mills Recruitment Account Registration Portal

  1. Log onto the recruitment account portal here.
  2. Fill the registration form.
  3. Ensure to provide a valid email address and mobile number as these will be the medium of communication.
  4. Finally, click on “register”.

Flour Mills Job Recruitment Profiles

All the jobs on the Flour Mills Recruitment Account Registration Portal falls under the following categories called “profiles”. They include:

Corporate Services Job Family

Role-holders in this job Family provide information, administrative and other specialist support across the organization. At junior levels, role-holders supply information or other administrative support in the form which is available to them, whist higher roles, present, analyze and interpret information or apply knowledge of a specialist, technical or professional in nature. Outlined below are the various disciplines under Corporate Services job family;

1. Administration Discipline
2. Finance Discipline
3. Internal Audit Discipline
4. Human Resources Discipline
5. MIS & ERP Discipline
6. Company Secretariat

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Commercial Job Family

Role-holders in this job family develop, manage and maintain the relationship with both potential and existing customers. Service levels are important in these jobs areas. Outlined below are the various disciplines under Commercial job family;

1. Sales Discipline
2. Marketing Discipline
3. Logistics Discipline
4. Material Management Discipline

Manufacturing And Operations Job Family

Role-holders in this job family are people and process managers, who are also responsible for the management and operation of resources such as budgets, systems and products. These roles deliver the operational context and results of the business. Outlined below are the various disciplines under Manufacturing and Operations job family;

1. Production Discipline
2. Technical Discipline
3. Quality Assurance Discipline
4. HSE Discipline
5. Shipping/Terminal Operations Discipline

Successful candidates can over time progress within their specified Job Family which includes the various disciplines.

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How To Apply For Jobs

After you have finished creating the Flour Mills Recruitment Account Registration Portal, the next is to apply for available jobs. What should do?

  1. Log onto the Flour Mills Recruitment vacancy portal here.
  2. The list of available jobs will be listed here.
  3. Choose any of the available jobs and then click on “View/apply”.
  4. The details of the vacancy application and the requirements will be shown.
  5. Then, click on “Apply”.
  6. follow the guidelines and finish your application.

Flour Mills Job Recruitment Application Requirements

Be aware of the following guidelines.

  1. The application process requires you to register and obtain your login details (ID and password).
  2. Please remember your login details, it will be required to apply for a particular vacancy.
  3. If you forget your password, use the service provided to retrieve it. An email will be sent to your e mail address.
  4. You must update the following parts of your CV before you apply for any of the jobs.
    1. Personal Details
    2. Computer Exposure
    3. Tertiary Education
    4. Referee
  5. To apply for any of the vacancies, follow the link provided. You will be prompted to input your ID and password to apply for your chosen vacancy.
  6. Application process also allows you to update and amend your CV information at any time.
  7. To update and amend your CV, follow the link provided. You require your ID and password.

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Interested candidates must:

  • Be highly focused and success driven.
  • Be strategic and analytical thinkers
  • Possess good leadership, interpersonal and people skills.
  • Be highly personable
  • Possess high level of integrity and self regulation
  • Possess excellent communication skills in oral and spoken word.

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