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How Does A Football Transfer Work? – Football Transfer News

In club football, there is always a transfer. Players, coaches and managers move from one club to the other. Clubs sign new players and release others. However, not many persons know how a football transfer really works. You are going to see the great behind-the-scene-details about football transfers. So, seat and get answers to How Does A Football Transfer Work?

You always want your club to sign one player or the other. We ask you How Does A Football Transfer Work? Do you know the stages your favourite club goes through just to sign a player? As the summer transfer window is already on, we deem it fit to let you know what goes on behind the scene. Happy reading.

How Does A Football Transfer Work?

  1. Scouting

Every club has a scouting team (10-15 members of even more). Scouting has to do with watching over a player over a period of time. This is aimed at discovering the qualities of the player to know if he fits into the clubs plans and patterns of play. Scouting most times takes months and age especially when it deals with young players. The club’s scout goes to games to see the players and watch them live in games.

  1. Enquiry

If a club is okay with their scouting analysis, they proceed to make enquiries. The enquiry could be directed at the player’s manager, the player himself and or the player’s agent. The buying club would love to get information about player’s cost, the duration of his current contract, his current earning, his family and personal life issues etc. At this time, the club will also ascertain availability.

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  1. Negotiations

The buying club will now proceed to negotiations if satisfied with the enquiry made. Therefore, the club negotiates with three parties: “the selling club, the player and the player’s agent. The clubs negotiate on the price to sell the player. A club may not want to sell a player but will likely do business if the player’s release clause is met. The release clause is the conditions attached to buying a player when the club does not want to sell. Most times, clubs fix high price on a player to scare buyers away. However, this is always done with the players consent. Pedro had a release clause of £135m but was sold to Chelsea for £22m. Once the clubs wants to sell, the release clause may not be much of an issue.

The negotiations with agent and players focus on the weekly salary of the player. They also discuss some issues like performance-related add-ons and goal and appearance bonuses. The player could also seek for accommodation and car allowances. In fact, anything can be possible and open to negotiation.

  1. Medicals

After all the negotiations and agreements, what is left is the Medicals. It is the last important stage in a transfer deal. The aim is to identify a hidden injury or weakness that will sideline the player. The club checks the player’s overall health condition. Some transfers fell through because a player couldn’t pass this stage. But, it is a rare occurrence.

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  1. Documentation

Once all the parties have concluded their negotiations, all the paper works will be sent to the Football Association and any other required body to document.

  1. Announcing The Deal

After paper works, the club announces the deal and a transfer is completed. That is all.

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