Retrieve or Create New Password

Forget Password? | Retrieve or Create New Password – Learn How

Retrieve or Create New Password

It doesn’t really matter what kind of account you are operating on, as long as it has to do it online access you will have to create a password for such account. When you are create a new account in the web, its important to select a series of “Alphabet” “Numbers” or “Symbols”  for your password. While I have noticed that some account will instruct new users not to use symbols or numbers.

But in any case, its better to build your password with a combinations of “Alphabet” “Numbers” and “Symbols”. Sometimes you can also use Upper-case and Lower-case for the password.

For you not to forget password you will have to always use what you will always remember. But not advising you to use date of birth or just “12345” etc. make sure its something will never imagine to be your password.

How to Retrieve Password

For any account you created on web (internet) you use your email address for it, so when you access the website and doesn’t know your password anymore in there you will see a link below or beside the sign in page “Forget Password”, some site use “Remember my Password” or “Get password”. But you will always see it below or beside the sign in form.

Then you may be asked to enter either your “Email address” or “User name”, once you enter it correctly  – your password will be resent to your email account you had provided.

Retrieving Email Password

But for some account like Email accounts like; Google, Yahoo, AOL, Yandex, etc will not ask for your mail address because the password you forgot is for the mail account. So what they ask you is your “Phone number, Your Secret Question and Answer. While some like Google Mail will first ask your last for digit of your password and if you do not know it then you will be required to enter your email address, Your Secret Question and Answer and mobile number. Then a code will be sent to you via mobile phone which you are to enter to gain full access to your account again.


How to Create New Password

Creating new password is supper easy once you have be able to login to your account. Use the step below to create new password for your account.

  1. Login to your account (either using the normal process or using the “Forget Password” method
  2. Enter your profile account
  3. See your login details – then click on it to change either your email address or password
  4. Save

How to Protect your Password from Hackers

  1. Choose to create your password with “Alphabet” “Numbers” or “Symbols”
  2. Make use of Password managers like LastPass and 1Password they are great for managing your passwords and creating new, uncrackable ones.
  3. Be sure of the site that ask your for your password information
  4. While using public Computers never you save your password information in it.



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