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Free CR7Selfie App: CR7Selfie Apk Download Free – www.cr7selfie.com

Free CR7Selfie App

There are lots of Selfie Apps on Play Store – but the CR7Selfie has come with a difference. Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) has lunched the CR7Selfie app for android and iPhone for fans and friends all over the world with an aim to take a selfie with him wherever and whenever you please, and help kids at the same time, still using the same Free CR7Selfie App.

The Cristiano Ronaldo Free CR7Selfie App comes with lots of features like; several different outfits and poses in a tux, holding the European Golden Boot, singing karaoke, and many others!


Features of Free CR7Selfie App

–>> 68 different CR7 poses and photos;
–>> Rotate, Drag and Zoom CR7 photo and yourself in order to adjust and match;
–>> Adjust Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Temperature and Sharpness;
–>> Apply Frames (15 available), Colours (12 available) and Textures (12 available);
–>> Save the selfie or Share it to your friends (social networks, mail, message and many other).

How to Download Free CR7Selfie App for Mobile

The Cristiano Ronaldo CR7Selfie App is basically available for Android and iPhone users, so for you to download this free selfie app you will have to follow the steps below:

Click on your support Apps Store logo to start download CR7 Selfie App

iOS App Store logo>>>Click here to download CR7 Selfie App for iOS (iPhone/iPad) <<<


Google Play Store App logo>>> download CR7 Selfie App for Android/Tablet here <<<


Please Note:

The Cristiano Ronaldo Selfie Apps Available globally on Apple App and Google Play stores, the app, developed by 7Windows Consulting, will cost €1,99* to download, with a portion of worldwide proceeds of every download going to Save the Children.

How to Use CR7Selfie App

Using the app is supper easy all you have to do is follow the guide laid below to take a self with Cristiano Ronaldo Free CR7Selfie App and share with your friends and families;

  1. Browse CR7 Selfie App photo gallery to Select  your favourite CR7 posses
  2. The App will show you the CR7 picture you have chosen over the image of the selfie camera of your smartphone. Adjust your position in the picture and take shoot.
  3. Adjust the scale and the position so the fit ends up flawless. You can also adjust the contrast, the colour and everything else you need to impress your friends and family. You can do it in both pictures simultaneously or separately.
  4. Add colour, textures and frames to the picture. Give it your best shot. CR7 will love and follow.
  5. Finally, Save the picture to the App gallery and share it through all your social media accounts for people to live share, comment and ask you; “How did you do it?

NOTE: Don’t forget to add the #cr7selfie hashtag when sharing!

So once you grape this steps above – you can take a selfie with Cristiano Ronaldo anytime, anywhere, everywhere!

Remember its supper easy all you have to do is download the app, lunch it, Choose one of the 68 different poses of Ronaldo, shoot a selfie with him, adjust the photo, apply frames, colours and textures, save it or share it with your friends! And you are good to go – for real.

Kindly share the link of this page with your friends, family, followers and other CR7 fans on various social media platforms to enable the Save the Children mission continus moving forward around the world.



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