Free Email Autoresponders to Build Contact List As A Starter & Make Money Faster
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Starting an online business in a reproductive approach will at least require some finances. Don’t mind those who usually says “Starting Online Business for Free“. It is impossible to start for free. You must give out something (time or money or both) to get the kind of success that you seek.

Perhaps the intent of this page is not to discourage your zeal, but to re-organize your plan and to make you achieve your goal faster.

You may have had a saying;

There is money in the list”


“Money is in the list”

If you are conversant with doing one or two businesses online then those statements shouldn’t be new to you.

This where the Premium and free Email Autoresponders becomes an important tool for online businesses this days. Because they help us build good customer relationship – with the tools they provide like; split testing, automations, building all kinds of optin forms, API integrations, etc.

And, this is why it now seems building list or customers contacts is becoming even more expensive for the starters to cope and meet up to demand. In fact, I also felt the same way when I was starting.

Indeed there is “Money in the list” but that will be if only you build a good Customer relationship with those list.

Why You Need the Free Email Autoresponders

Even when you run blogs, at a time you may also want to run some affiliate program, sell some pernal materials, do e-commerce or share out free blog updates when you make new articles.

These reasons imply that you have an online Autoresponders account to collect and build contacts – which at the end becomes your custom audience or customers.

Major Limitations of Autoresponders to Newbies

Any of the reasons mentioned below should also be a factor to limit you from using the Autoresponders for your business.

  • Limited time to master the Autoresponders that is currently in use.
  • The price to subscribe and renew for the Autoresponders services.
  • The Technical Know-how – to use and understand how it works.
  • Selecting which one is best Autoresponder for you as a newbie is also a major problem.

Why You Should Start From Small

First I had to consider their recurring prices, how many lists we can build before start making a payment, then whether they have the basic features to build our contact list.

You should consider the same factor if you really want to start using Autoresponders in your businesses. The Big-name Autoresponder don’t want to care if you have the start up capital, they only come pitching how prefessional their tools will help henance your business. And, I don’t doubt them (their pitch) either, but starting with them will land you to no where as a starter.

By now you should have come in contact with those Autorespondes I call big.names or big-brands – Awaber, GetRespond, ConvertKit, etc.

I haven’t come to condem them, No! I’m only explaining what I have personally experence using them. They are in a rush in converting you as their money making machine. Don’t have the time waiting for you to learn or start making something (money).

So at a point I got frustratced, my free 30days trial ot exusted, yet no money to upgrade. I got those experience on Awaber and Getrespond.

Then I moved over to Converkit which after the trial period also, I started paying (upgraded) for the 1 -1,000 email list. But I did this for only 3months and there was no money for me to contine renewing my converkit subcription, moreover, I haven’t built upto 10 list either, talk more of making money. So at a point I got exusted which landed me into frustration and for 2years I refuse using autoresponders.

Now if you understand my stroy so far, it is that I had to use those big-brands becuse I see people using them, they run ads all over the net to I thought was that I could start from there. Whereas that was a capita NO! for me.

Bottom Line

Start with those that allows you build an Unlimited contact list or resonable number of list before you can upgared.

With my expirence and success so far, they are all Big-brands whenther unlimited or not.

And, since ever I started using one of those I listed on the table “” all my messages I send goes streight to inbox. I got high opening rate, am able to do splet testing A/B, enable retergetting, able to do my automation. Still with unlimitedly to build my email list. But restrited on the number of daily mail-out. Yet, still sends out mail to al the contacts by “queuing them”.

So what else will I want as a started if not those

I’ve come to relaize that as a newbie if you start with using expensive or so-called highly suphisticated platforms with lots of features, it keeps one in a countinus wondering without any achievement.

However, no one is that too sophisticated then the others, it all depends with which platform (modules) you best understand the most. And the marketing integration tools you may need in addition.

Whereas, some of the additional tools can be a source out there for free use, instead of paying higher. Also, some may prefer this big-brands because all marketing tools are found on the platform, so no need for them to go outside to source for more.

Which Free Email Autoresponders Offers Unlimited or/and Cheap Upgrade?

Its better to start using these ones listed here.

MailjetSign Up Here
Mailerlite Sign Up Here
SendPulse Sign Up Here
SendInBlue Sign Up Here

Now this is it;

Start with any of those listed Autoresponders to build your email or phone number list after which you can either continue using them (like me) or move your list to any of those expensive Autoresponders if you feel you need more email marketing features or tools and you can pay for it, then you are good to go.

Why These FREE Autoresponder Service Are Familar

  • The free account is free forever.
  • The free comes with APIs, SMTP Relay, Webhooks – integration.
  • They are Mobile responsive template design.
  • They’re all Drag and Drop enabled.
  • Most are Unlimited contacts for free.
  • Few allow (A/B split) testing.
  • Real-time tracking.
  • Good and responsive Customer support to answer your questions anytime.

About the Autoresponders for Starters

lets start with;


MailJet home image
Image from

If you are in search of email building company with an Unlimited Contacts package then you should posibly have Maijet among your list of Autoresponders to consider using.

After from the Unlimited Contacts, It allows you to send out up to 6,000 emails per month, which is a bit low if compared with others we have also listed. But it’s also a good starting ground for Newbies anyways. Also to be sending out up to 200 emails per day.

Of course, it uses APIs, SMTP Relay, Webhooks and has an advance email editor with a started statistics to always check and measure your progress.

The premium starts from $8.69 (a 10% discount) if you will be paying per annual. Of which from here you have unlimited daily email sending, and can send up to 30,000 emails per month. You can increase the number of email sending per month to see the charges involved. But remember we are discussing as a newbie.

So the more you upgrade the bigger features are released for you to use. However, the A/B Testing, Segmentation and Marketing Automation packages are released from $18.86 per month billing.


MailerLite Home image
Image credit to

Mailerlite is another we recommend you to start with as the free account allows a sending of up to 12,000 email per month, though with limited features. But guess what, you should be extecting features like A/B testing, segmentation, Automation RSS campains and more – for free.

So, what else will you still need as a newbie after those features are added for free?

But one of the limitation with Mailerlite to we the users is that there is no “Unlimited” email buidling contacts. Everyemail you build has to be paid for the space it occupiers on their database.

The free allows you build up to 1,000 subscribers. But the higher your buscrobers the more you pay – with an unlimited monthly email sending, also with all features added to any packpage paid for.


SendPulse home image
Image from

SendPluse is another good free Email Marketing Software Solutions to try out for small businesses or as a newbie. The free account will allow you to build up to 2500 subscribers and can send up to 15,000 emails per month for free.

Though I find SendPulse more expensive than all others listed here since the least upgrade price starts from $7.88 – which is not bad. But the expensiveness is the number of the list which the $7.88 will apply for. And its 2500 list.

If I was to continue using SendPulse as my email automation software then I would rather go for the “Pay AS you GO” package. Because it seems a bit fairer on that side.

So, instead of paying continusly for a certain point which my list has not reached, it is far better to do Pay AS you GO.

Take for example, the Pay AS you GO allows you send out 10,000 email at the cost of $32 – which is 0.0032 per email). But before using the Pay AS you GO, I would make sure am seeling something which will definatly be a ROI for me.

You can as well check how each of these will benefit you and your business then apply it.


SendInBlue Home image
Image credit to

I personally concider as my top choice among the listed free email autoresponders. It allows free account users work like a pro – as if you’ve already upgraded to a premium. Couple with the amazing results I also get each time I mail out.

But remember you can as well do the same on other responders I mentioned.

The free account allows you to build an an unlimited email list, but will only allow you send out 300 emails on daily bases.

You have all essential features to use and build your list effectively and even start making money immediately. I mean features such as; automation, split testing, Advanced segmentation, Sales CRM, API features, Workflow editor, page tracking, Real-time reporting, etc.

Whereas the premium upgrade starts from $31.20 with annual payment, allowing upto 40,000 monthly sending limit with no daily sending limit.

However, there are still more advanced packages to ehencase mailing and list. As the upgrade continues so more packages are released.


Mostly if you are running a blog like mine then you can best consider using any of the free Email Autoresponders listed.

Nothing to lose, in fact, it is 100% to start making money and still using the free until you have grown your list to a larger pool then may warrant you upgrading your account.

But sure, this is the best option to start with, and possibly even continue with.


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