Free Google Wifi to go around Cities World wide

According to the information gathered from Bloomberg, Google has already set up a company that’ll handle the free Google Wi-Fi job in the Big Apple. Sidewalk Labs is the Google-backed startup that will turn 10,000 of New York’s old phone booths into ad-supported Wi-Fi pylons this September.

The vision really is to make cities a connected places where you can walk down any street and have access to free ultra high speed Wi-Fi,” says Dan Doctoroff, the former CEO of Bloomberg and one-time deputy mayor of New York City, who heads up Sidewalk Labs.

He also added; I wouldn’t say which cities Google has in mind for the Wi-Fi push but predicted the technology will go global. “There are certainly places that it’s immediately replicable,” he said, adding that the idea is to “use technology not to make cities all the same, but enhance what makes them unique and individual.”

Additional information also gathered is that, currently the free Google Wifi is already in use in some part of this world.


Article Source: Bloomberg

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