Freelance Writing: Best Websites For Freelance Writing Jobs

One of the best and assured ways of making money online is through freelance writing. Freelance writing is all about getting paid to write. People employ you and you write their needs and you get paid. As a freelance writer, you are exposed to tens and hundreds of opportunities. This is one area you must have to consider if you really want to make money online. Through freelance writing, you could meet and network with fellow professionals towards improving yourself. We will give you some of the Best Websites For Freelance Writing Jobs.

The list of the Best Websites For Freelance Writing Jobs focuses on some of the trusted websites that provides jobs and freelancing opportunities to millions of writers globally. They also pay well provided the beat the competitions and carve a niche for yourself. Read through and know more for yourself.

Best Websites For Freelance Writing Jobs

  • Upwork

Freelance Writing: Best Websites For Freelance Writing JobsThere are numerous freelance opportunities for freelance writers. A statistics of Upwork reveals that it has over 10 million registered users, four million clients, and three million jobs posted every year. It has a very vast base of different needs. Upwork offers something for everyone from writers and architects to legal aides and photographers. Registered users have different options such as accommodating both short- and long-term projects, hourly or per-project work and expert-level and entry-level engagement. To know more, visit

  • Toptal

Freelance Writing: Best Websites For Freelance Writing JobsToptal is a team of seasoned professionals. It is a network of elite software engineers and digital designers from over 100 countries around the world. Before becoming a member, Toptal engages in a stringent screening process to select the best hands. The clients are also screen. Successfully screen members will be admitted into a league of seasoned clients such as AirBnB, IDEO, Zendesk and JP Morgan. Visit for more information.

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  • Freelancer

Freelance Writing: Best Websites For Freelance Writing JobsThe chief of all freelance websites is Freelancer allows you to compete with other freelancers in contests to prove your skills. Also, freelancer allows for different levels of membership. Your level of membership determines the quantity of jobs that you can be offered as well as what you pay to the site.  It has over 8 million jobs posted on the site and close to 20 million registered users.  Its high rate of competition among users ensures quality delivery of paid projects. To know more, visit

  • 99Designs

Freelance Writing: Best Websites For Freelance Writing JobsThis site is specifically meant for designers. Every job comes as a contest. When a client needs a job done, the users begin to compete and submit their own designs. At the end of the week, the client chooses the best design and he gets paid. The submitted work must be based on the specification given by the client. This is a very good site for designers who want to test their ability to design and to learn more. Website is

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  • SimplyHired

Freelance Writing: Best Websites For Freelance Writing JobsSimplyHired offers the largest variety of freelance jobs of any site on this list. From construction to concierge work, the site boasts a bounty of opportunities for anyone seeking extra work, and it helps freelancers find jobs in over 24 countries. It also isn’t limited to English-language work, offering 12 different languages in which you can find jobs. It includes a blog with hiring tips, a company directory and location-based search. Visit for more information.

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