Frequently Asked Questions On Zenith Bank Point Of Sale Terminal (POS) – See All Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions On Zenith Bank Point Of Sale TerminalAccept card payments directly into your account at your business location or on the go with Zenith Bank’s Point of Sale terminals. No matter what payment cards your customers carry, our Point of Sale terminals have the capability to accept all cards available in the Nigerian market i.e. MasterCard, Visa and Verve, irrespective of the issuing bank.  Let us lead you to the frequently asked questions on Zenith Bank Point of Sale Terminal.

The frequently asked questions on Zenith Bank Point of Sale Terminal seeks to provide both the Pos owners and users with the many challenges encountered while using the Pos Terminal. Much more important, however, is the answers contained herein that would lead to solutions on any problem encountered. We wish these questions and answers become very helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions On Zenith Bank Point Of Sale Terminal

The frequently asked questions and answers are listed below. Read on!

  • How can I request a POS terminal?

You can request a POS terminal through your relationship officer.

  • How long does it take to deploy terminal(s) to merchants?

For Lagos locations, it is usually within 8 working days while it may take up to three (3) weeks for locations outside Lagos.

  • How can I identify the type of Terminal that is deployed to me as a merchant?

The terminal type and model are boldly written on the face top of the Terminal e.g PAX S90 CDMA, Verifone VX 520 etc.

  • Can my POS terminals run on my Local Area Network?

Yes, but the merchant must provide the necessary parameters required for setup.

  • What do I do if I am getting the error message “ISSUER OR SWITCH INOPERATIVE”?

This may occur if the network of the bank that issued the card fails to connect or the switch that processes the card is having system downtime. You may ask the customer to use another bank”s card if available or try again later.

  • What if the cardholder”s account is debited without approved receipt printed on the POS Terminal?

Do not release goods or offer services for such transaction; there may be an automatic reversal of such transaction. Furthermore, the cardholder should visit his bank to lodge the complaint and ask for the Dispense Error Form.

  • I have internet in my office and i want to see my POS transactions as they occur, is this possible?

Yes you can be set up on the POS Transaction Viewer. Your Account Officer should request on your behalf by sending the following information to for the setup.

  1. Merchant”s Account number
  2. Email address
  3. Phone number

The setup is completed within 72 hours.

  • How do i reconcile the bulk settlement made into my account for POS transactions?

Request the POS Settlement Viewer through your Relationship Manager by supplying the following information;

  1. Your desired Username
  2. Email address
  3. Account Number

Upon creation you will be advised with the login credentials to access the portal and view the breakdown of all transactions done on your POS terminal. The setup is instant.

  • When do i get settled for transactions done on my POS?

Settlement is T+1 i.e. (transaction + 1 day) within 24hours.

  • Transactions consummated on Friday have not been settled as at Monday morning. How can the transactions be traced?

Transactions are usually settled on bank working days. Transactions done on Friday would be settled before close of business on Monday.

  • What if my transactions are not settled as at when due, who should i call/write for help?

Contact Zenith Direct via or call Zenith Direct on 01-292 7000.

  • What if I get the error message “Terminal Can Not Process Visa Card”?

Please send a mail with Merchant name and Account number to for resolution.

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