1. Am unable to access the recruitment page to print my recruitment slip, what do I do?

  2. Please the recruitment portal can’t be accessed please is there any solution to this problem?

    • It should be from your end. Please, refresh your network and try again. If the issue persists then it also may mean that the portal is closed for the service you are requesting for.

  3. I want you to help me print out my summary data page, because I can’t access it from my end please. Email: christono.cc@gmail.com , My ID: C0354390GM. Thank you

  4. I didn’t print my summer data page upon registration and I have been shortlisted for the screening exercise. Have tried accessing the page but it’s not opening. Please What should I do?

    • Can you share the page you try accessing? Because this page already treated that issue well.
      But you can share with us what error you get, so we can start from there assisting you better and faster.

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