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Full Requirements To Become A Nigerian Navy | How To Join Nigerian Navy

Full Requirements To Become A Nigerian Navy – One of the most lucrative employment opportunities is joining the Nigerian Navy. In fact, every year, millions of Nigerians eagerly await when the Nigerian Navy registration form will be made available. And, as usual, millions will also apply. However, despite the number of applications, only a handful will be employed.

There could be made reasons why some are employed and others aren’t. of course, the fact that above the needed required persons applied shows that many will be rejected. We have seen that lack of preparation is also what causes many others to be disqualified. Therefore, before you can apply for the Nigerian Navy, it is very important to know the Full Requirements To Become A Nigerian Navy.

Knowing the requirements ahead of time ensures that you are well equipped. You will get all the required documents ready for application whenever it commences. This is why we have brought this to give you the “UNFAIR” advantage.

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What are the requirements for joining Nigerian Navy? We will outline them below. Before that, we must WARN that the requirements listed here are the CORE. From year to year, there may be slight adjustments to the requirements. Or, they may be addition of new requirements. However, with these here, you should be confident that you are prepared for the Nigerian Navy recruitment exercise.

Full Requirements To Become A Nigerian Navy

Anyone who dreams of joining the Nigerian Navy MUST meet up with these requirements.

  1. You Must Be a Nigerian
  2. Must Meet Up with Physical Mental and Psychological training to ascertain your physical, mental and medical fitness.
  3. You Must be between 18-24 years (this is subject to change).
  4. Must attain a baseline height requirement: 1.7m for men, 1.67m women
  5. Must Pass the Medical Test
  6. Meet Up With Minimum Educational Requirement. i.e, You Must Possess At Least WAEC Certificate, GCE and or OND certificates.
  7. Must Not Be An Ex-convict.

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How To Join Nigerian Navy

Once the Nigerian Navy application portal has been opened for application, here is all you need to do.

  1. Log onto the website (joinnigeriannavy.com) to know the amount and the banks to buy the application voucher.
  2. After purchasing the Voucher, log on to the same website using the this format: Card serial number as Username and Card pin as Password
  3. Fill in the form you see after logging in. Be as sincere as you can be. Then submit the form.
  4. Print out the registered form.
  5. You will be sent a notification of the exam date and recruitment centre.
  6. On the exam day, go to the recruitment centre with the follow requirements:
    1. Birth Certificate/ Age Declaration
    2. Parent Consent Form
    3. 4-5 Recent Passports
    4. Local Government Identification
    5. Educational Certificates.
    6. Then, keep waiting till the list of shortlisted candidates are released.

So, if you want to join Nigerian Navy, you must meet up with the Full Requirements To Become A Nigerian Navy. Anything less than that, you won’t be successful.

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