Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarships Application

Hello there! I am about to show you the top 20 fully funded free scholarships application you should be enrolling in, come the year 2020. I suppose you understand scholarships mean. If you are truly ready to have someone else sponsor your education, then, this article is all that you need.

When we talk about fully funded scholarships application, what exactly are we talking about? What makes a scholarship fully funded? Can any scholarship be fully funded?

What Is A Fully Funded Scholarship?

Well, fully funded scholarships are the type of scholarship wherein your benefactor (the one offering the scholarship) takes care of all the financial responsibility of your education. Let me break it down. It means that, when you win a fully-funded scholarship, your tuition fees, accommodation, feeding and book costs are all on your benefactor.

They will take care of your living cost, transportation (visa cost) and any other thing it takes for you to start your education, wherever the scholarship is awarded to you.

And yes, there are many scholarships that are fully funded.

Top Fully Funded Scholarships Application

Below, we are going to be looking at some of the best fully funded scholarships application you can apply to. Some of these scholarships could be for PhD programs, others will cover the M.Sc and even B.Sc education programs.

1. Anhui Government Scholarship for International Students

This Anhui govt. the scholarship is for international students. The scholarship is hosted in China. This scholarship can cover for both the undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Below are the eligibility requirements.

  1. You should be a non-Chinese citizen with your international passport up to date.
  2. You should also have the HSK certificate that shows how proficient you are in the Chinese language. However, if the courses you are applying for will be taught in the English language, this may not be much of a necessity.
  3. Furthermore, you must be able to abide by the Chinese laws as well as the school’s rules and regulations.
  4. You must meet the following educational and age limit:
    1. For undergraduate studies, you must have your senior secondary school results and be under 28 years.
    2. Masters’ Degree applicants must have their B.Sc result and be less than 40 years. They must also possess two letters of recommendation from professors or associate professors.
    3. Doctoral Degree applications must be less than 45 and have their masters’ degree results. They must also possess two letters of recommendation from professors or associate professors.

2. Zhengzhou University President Scholarships 2019/2020 for International Students

This scholarship is for international students and must be taken at Zhengzhou University. Also, this scholarship should ideally last between 3-4 years of study. Please note that this is a scholarship for postgraduate studies (M.Sc & PhD).


Here are the eligibility requirements.

  1. You must be a non-Chinese citizen without criminal records.
  2. Furthermore, you must be willing to abide by the country’s laws as well as the rules of the university.
  3. You must have a good academic performance record.
  4. Age requirements are as follows:
    1. 35 years or less for Masters’ program while
    2. less than 45 for PhD applicants.
  5. You must also show proficiency in the Chinese language with your HSK level 5 or other relevant certifications.

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3. Forward Bound Scholarship

If you are in the health field, this Forward Bound scholarship is for you. It is a scholarship program that is aimed at health promotion. This is a purely MSc scholarship program by the University of Brighton. The intended applicants are to be from the lower-middle-income (third world countries).

In this scholarship, you will be given a total of £25,000 to successful candidates – either as full or partial scholarship awards. Since it’s a fully-funded program, it will cover your course fees, health insurance, travel costs, accommodation, visa, and living expenses.

  1. You need to be a paid health professional, although, those in the voluntary agencies could be considered.
  2. You must be able to return back after the scholarship to influence health promotion practice after your education.
  3. Also, you must apply for the health promotion practice course before applying for the scholarship.
  4. further details could be accessed from visiting the portal.

4. MTN Foundations Scholarship For Blind Students

This is a scholarship program for blind undergraduate students organised by the MTN Foundation. This scholarship award cuts across universities, polytechnics and colleges of education.  This scholarship covers tuition fees and book costs as well as stipends to the award winners for one academic session.

  1. You must be an undergraduate at any of the approved tertiary institutions in Nigeria.
  2. The applicant must also be an undergraduate.

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5. Leicester Castle Business School Scholarship

The Leicester Castle Business School scholarship at De MontFort University is open for application. This scholarship covers the full cost of education in the school. Also, this scholarship will cover your total course fee and also comes with extra £5,000. This money can be used to process your accommodation and living costs.

Given the competitive nature of this scholarship, it is open to only 5 students who have been admitted into the Leicester Business school.

Below are the full requirements.

  1. You must have been offered admission into the Leicester Castle Business School before you apply for this scholarship.

6. Stanford University Knight Hennessy Scholarships Program in USA

This is another of the Fully Funded Scholarships Application we have in stock for you. If you really want to pursue any graduate degree course with scholarship, this is one of the scholarships to apply for. The major aim of this scholarship is to gather people from all over the world. You can choose a career in education, arts, business, law etc. Please note that this award is hosted in the USA.

  1. Your B.Sc degree must have been in 2014 or afterwards.
  2. Furthermore, you must be fluent in English language (writing, speaking, reading)
  3. You must also be ambitious etc.

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7. UNSW Fully Funded PhD Scholarships for International Students in Australia

If you want a fully-funded PhD scholarship program, then this University of New South Wales is for you. This fund is open to Australian and international candidates. The major aim is “to restore vision to those blinded by photoreceptor dystrophies through this research project”.
  1. You must choose a course or subject that revolves around developing optimal stimulation for bionic eyes.
  2. You must also have a  basic knowledge of physiology and anatomy. People with basic programming and animal research/bionic devices are better positioned.

8. Canadian Government Fully Funded Vanier International Scholarships

If you follow Canada well, you will know the government gives annual scholarship programs for higher studies. The major aim is to attract international students to study doctoral degree courses in Canada.

  1. You can apply for any doctoral degree courses at any Canadian university.
  2. Also, you must not have held any scholarship or fellowship from CIHR, NSERC or SSHRC to undertake or complete a doctoral degree.

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9. University Of Adelaide Scholarship For International Students

If you are an international student and want to pursue a masters and or doctoral degree, you have the University of Adelaide scholarship to push you along the way. This Australian university has all it takes to give you a remarkable learning experience. The scholarship is hosted and taken in Australia.

It includes tuition fees for two years Masters degree program and a 3-year doctoral research degree. Also, you will be granted an annual living allowance of AUD $27,596.

10. Fully Funded Scholarships in Sweden at Stockholm School of Economics

This scholarship is offered by and the Stockholm School of Economics. This scholarship is basically for Executive MBA at the Stockholm business school.

  1. You must be an international student.
  2. Applicant must also have a good command of the English language.
  3. Additionally, you should have at least 5 years of relevant work experience and a BSc degree equivalent to 180 credit units.


These top 10 Fully Funded Scholarships Application has some of them whose application deadline for 2019 has elapsed while some will go on till after August & September. However, these are annual scholarship programs you should always look out for.

If you’ve got any question, please ask.


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