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FUNAI 2015/2016 Post UTME Results Checking Error & Solutions

We have come to understand that chevking post utme result for FUNAI is bringing confusion to many applicant. BUt since the FUNAI 2015/2016 Post UTME Results Checking Error continues we have list out the possible error and how to solve them..

I believe that on checking your results online. you see error like this;

FUNAI 2015/2016 Post UTME Results Checking Error & Solutions

If you are seeing –  “Error” or “No sure result – Enter the correct JAMB registration No. Follow the steps below:

  • Email FUNAI post untme result checking office on:
  • Or you come down to school ICT center so that they can check the result and also ratify the error once and for all.

Use the comment box below if you still have any thing in mind to say….


11 thoughts on “FUNAI 2015/2016 Post UTME Results Checking Error & Solutions

  1. I have tried sending the enquiry to but no comment from you this is my reg number 55473129CB

  2. Please help me i really want to see my result and i cant come down to school because am leaving very far 56781289GE have try every thing but is not working

    1. I will check your result for u now. But if there is any issue them you will have to go to the school ICT and you result will be checked and the same time printed out for u. So let me check and will get back to you…

  3. i have been checking my result for a long time.yet i keep on seeing nothing please if you persons can help i will be greatful this my jamb reg no55737484CI

  4. please help me i have been trying check my result on the net but i cant find it this my reg no 55737484CI

    1. If you are unable to check it up till now, then kindly come to the school ICT and you will see and print your result free

  5. am residing in abuja it cant be easy for me to come to ebonyi please try help me by checking it for me my reg no:55737484CI

  6. Please, I have tried to access my UTME result but to no avail. 55910395FB

  7. Help me check my result pls. 55910395FB

  8. am residing in fct please i cant come down to ebonyi please help me to check my result my reg no:55737484CI

  9. help pls! (55497742jg) i don’t know the type of record the funai has concerning our jamb qeg no;?

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