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How to Generate Good Blog Topics that Ranks Fast

Generate Good Blog Topics that Ranks Fast

One major challenge upcoming bloggers face is  “How to Generate Good Blog Topics that Ranks Fast”everyone wants to rank on the first page, everyone wants to get massive traffic on their blogs websites. But wondering whats really going wrong with their own titles and blog post. This page has given the highlight on this serious issue. It is simple, applicable and should give proven results.

If you own a website and you have tried everything yet to no avail, I want to let you understand that Getting a good title isn’t just the only ultimate factories to rank fast and get your content index fast on the search engine. I will not really be going into that but you can look below for related post to see some topics that talk about that.

What I want to discuss on this page is to give you list of free tool or web-tool you should use to generating a good title for your blog topics.


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But for the benefit of knowledge, I will give the list of other factors that also shouldn’t be neglected to get the index and get more traffic fast. Here they are listed below:


  • Host your blog or website on a good server.
  • Create an XML sitemap fr your Blog or website.
  • Submit your sitemap to Google and Bing through the WebMaster Tool platform.
  • If you are using WordPress, do not use so many plugins, most especially having different plugins doing the same job.
  • Install theme or templates that are mobile and PC responsive. Make sure the theme has a good background look, readability, and easy navigation on any devices.

Preparing Content:

  • Figuring out what people want to know about.
  • You should know exactly which keywords that people use for their search, then create content specifically for those keywords.
  • Generate Good Blog Topics around your keyword.
  • Put Keywords in Your Headlines.
  • Create an ultimate resource for that particular keyword. 2,000-words per blog post is a good rule of thumb.
  • Make sure Linking Externally and Internally.
  • Optimizing Your Images by putting the title, Alt-text, Add title tag and description. But first, make sure using clear and attractive images.
  • Use WordPress – it has all facilities and tools for fast ranking. With your little effort, your post can still be index and rank fast.
  • Let people share your post. Once people are sharing your article then it means that your information is really educating and original – which also attracts quick ranking.

I have taken my time to explain all the above points on this website. You can search around to find them.

If building topics for your content have become deep challenges to you then trying using the following tools to generate good Blog topics that rank fast on search engines.

List of Blog Title Generator  – to Generate Good Blog Topics that Ranks Fast

  • Portent

portent page

I think you should try “Portent” its free with no commitment. SImple to use also. In order to use portent create a good Title for your content, you need have in place the keyword that you want to write about.

The keyword may range from 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 phrases to use and generate a good title for your post. sometimes, the titles may not be a good choice for you, then you should click on the “Refresh” icon (beside the search bar).

  • HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

HubSpot page

HubSpot is another great tool in the world for marketing automation. It gives you the opportunity to enter three keywords you want to work with and click “GIVE ME BLOG TOPICS.” You can subscribe for newsletter, also signup for a free account to start using the free service.

  • TweakYourBiz

TweakYourBiz page

TweakYourBiz remains my favourite because it generates irresistible topics you see and want to work upon. All you need do here is enter the keyword you want to build your content around then – click on submit (already you needed to indicate whether its a Noun or Verb and other necessary settings needed) – now at the blink of an eye you see list of amazing titles rushing down your PC, waiting for you to take action – Starting work immediately.

You should see Hundreds of titles ranging and organized for different purposes. For example; How To’s, Problems, List of, Business, Motivation, Celebrities, Love, Questions, etc…

You may not understand what I meant when I listed the above categories. TweakYourBiz tool helps you to Generate GREAT titles for articles and blog posts – by providing hundreds of titles (topics) across different categories. All depends on your Keyword you want to build your content around.


Try any of the listed Title Generator tools to help you get the best from your little ideas.



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