As you must have been aware, the MTN Nigeria has concluded plans to increase data price. But as always, Glo Nigeria is constantly awarding data increase and outrageous bonus to users. This includes both new and old users. The Glo Oga Sim offers you a whooping 125% bonus on any data bundle you pick. Can you beat that? Now, that’s huge.

We will show you all you need to know about the Glo oga sim. With this, you can now start enjoying Glo data like never before. If you are ready, let’s show you.

Glo Oga Sim Data Bonus Breakdown

Here is all the info of the Glo oga sim data bonus.

Plan Name Price (N) Base Plan Volume Data Volume with Bonus on base plans Validity
Existing Customers (25% bonus) Oga SIM (125% bonus)
N100 Data Plan 100 80MB 100MB 180MB 1 Day
N200 Data Plan 200 210MB 262MB 472MB 5 Days
N500 Data Plan 500 800MB 1GB 1.8GB 14 Days
N1,000 Data Plan 1,000 1.6GB 2GB 3.6GB 30 Days
N2,000 Data Plan 2,000 3.65GB 4.5GB 8.2GB
N2,500 Data Plan 2,500 5.75GB 7.2GB 12.9GB
N3,000 Data Plan 3,000 7GB 8.75GB 15.7GB
N4,000 Data Plan 4,000 10GB 12.5GB 22.5GB
N5,000 Data Plan 5,000 12.5GB 15.6GB 28.1GB
N8,000 Data Plan 8,000 20GB 25GB 45GB
N10,000 Data Plan 10,000 26GB 32.5GB 58.5GB
N15,000 Data Plan 15,000 42GB 52.5GB 94.5GB
N18,000 Data Plan 18,000 50GB 62.5GB 112.5GB
N20,000 Data Plan 20,000 63GB 78.75GB 141.7GB

Glo Oga Sim FAQs

Are these new plans available to all customers?

  1. Any customer who buys a new Glo SIM will benefit from the promo.
  2. Existing customers who have never used data will also benefit when they buy data for the first time.
  3. Customers whose last data plan expired more than 90 days ago will also benefit.

Can I auto renew with a lower plan and still get the extra bonus data benefit?

Yes. As you auto renew to a new plan you will you get the extra bonus data for the plan bought.

Can these plans be gifted?

Yes. All plans are giftable. But remember that the bonus received will depend on the status of the giftee. If the giftee is a new customer (or new/returning data customer), he will get 125%. If the giftee is an existing or old customer, he/she gets 25% bonus. In other words, the bonus awarded does not depend on the status of the gifter rather it depends on the status of the giftee.

<> Gifter – person buying the plan and gifting to someone else.
<> Giftee – the person that receives the plan/gift.

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Can these plans be shared?

Yes, plans from N200 and above are sharable

How do I get these new plans?

Plans are available via *777# for plan menu and selection on .

Will these plans work on modems, routers and mobile routers?

Yes, these plans will work on any compatible device.

Can I stack these data plans? Subscribe multiple times?

Yes, these plans will work like any HSI plan and share all the HSI features.

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Are these plans auto-renewable?

Yes. A Data Plan is considered Auto Renewed if you Buy another Data Plan before the expiry of the existing data plan or within 7 days of expiry.

Will I get 125% bonus if I am using a 4G SIM on a 3G device?

Yes, the promo is targeted at all new customers irrespective of SIM type (LTE or 3G) and irrespective of the device.

What is the cost of the Oga SIM? Is it priced differently?

The Oga SIM is any new Glo SIM and is priced at the same rate of your regular Glo SIM.

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How long is the promo for?

The promo is available for qualifying customer for 4 months.

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