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How to get Blackberry ID – www.BBM.com

Blackberry ID

Here am going are going to learn How to get Blackberry ID, if you haven’t gotten one. The Blackberry ID  is your password to pinging and also connecting you to your friends and family, so that is why you need it.

How to get Blackberry ID

In case you don’t have a Blackberry ID follow the procedure below:

  1. You have to download the BBM Messenger first. So to do that, Click Here to download BBM
  2. After downloading it, install BBM on your device
  3. Enter your email address to register for BBID and hold your spot in line – you will be informed when to start using BBM (normally takes less than 48hours), if you already have a BBID email enter it and all your contacts will be moved to the new BBM for Android and you can start using BBM right away!


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