Get List of Recharge Card Dealers Here – Full Contacts, Phone No, Office Address

The recharge card business is a very profitable business only if you are so paticiant for it. But one of the key factor that determine your success as a Sub-Dealer is getting reputable and trusted list of Recharge Card Dealers. I have taken my time to explain all you need to know about Recharge Card Dealers, Printing software…many more.

Please Note that out there many people claim to be a dealer and yet they sell costly, or can’t even meet to demand of there small number of customers they are controlling. I want to tell you this moment that “Not all Recharge Card Distributors are Dealers. Some are even sub-dealers“. But you can’t know that, only when you get started to the printing of card business.

This is how you know Who is a Recharge Card Dealer;

  1. They sell cheaper than sub-dealers.
  2. When ever you order for card Pin they supply you as agreed on their business teams.
  3. They have teams and conditions and they keep to it.
  4. They supply you to last kobo of amount of pin cards you order for. Whether you guys are more they 400 or 500 customer that orders for pins, and your orders are large like reading in thousands and millions of naira (no mater the amount you need) they have them in supply.
  5. Finally, Recharge Card Dealer have large number of customers across the state in Nigeria.

How to Get List of Recharge Card Dealers

To get the list of recharge card dealers contacts, office address, price details & their business teams, this will cost you N4,000 Only (Four Thousand Naira Only)

Please Note; We are NOT sending you any recharge card printing Software. The Dealers does that after you have made your contact.

Make your payment into any of this account below:

GTBankBank  : GTBank Plc
Account Name : Nwabuzor Chukwuemeka
Account Number : 0149651074


FIRST BANKBank : First Bank Plc
Account Name : Nwabuzor Chukwuemeka
Account Number : 3066151282


Please Note; that you can pay via ATM, Mobile banking, Internet banking, shot code transfer or direct deposit into any of this account above.

Send via SMS your Full Name, Email address and Teller Number (if it’s direct deposit) to 08032934651. That same day, few hours after your payment the List of Recharge Card Dealers Contact and Office Address will be sent your the E-mail, you have dent to 08032934651.

What Next After Getting The Dealers’ Contact Information?

Now after you have gotten the contact of Recharge Card Dealers in Nigeria, this is what you do next (below);

  • Use the contact info to contact any one or all of them. When you contact them they will ask you to find a convenient time/day to come over to their office
  • Visit their Office with your computer
  • When you get their you will be asked to create a Business Name for your business. This name will be use to customize the software which will me installed by the dealer or  one of the worker.  This will enable your Business name to keep on appearing on the Cards as you start printing.

Please Note that the software cost N10,000 Only, which you will pay when you get to the office. One good thing about my dealers is that, if eventually you lost your computer or computer gut coropited or damaged, once you go back to the office and call your business name the software will be installed to you again free of charge. So that is to say, the N10,000 you paid is for life. They will explain more to you about this.

  • Now, at this point they will teach you one-on-one how to use the software to print all networks.
  • They will also teach/show you how to use your mobile phone to push out PINs just in case you have a large supply to make to your customers.

A Manuel will be given to you for software and mobile phone Pin push out.

  • They will show/teach you on how to purchase or start ordering for pins even if you want to use internet banking, Mobile banking or direct deposit. Please I advice you not to use ATN to transfer fund to your dealers.
  • They will give you their teams to guild your business and relationship with your dealer in question. For example, any day you make your order for new pins, you get the 6am or 6:30am the next morning. They will give you more of this when you get to the office.
  • Now you go back home or your office to start make order and printing your Cards/Pin. See you being called now “A Sub-Dealer”.

Please note that;

  1. you can’t download recharge card printing software online freely.
  2. any software given to you at a (maybe) Seminal will not work
  3. you can’t get a software from dealer A and want to start using it to print Pins/card which you order from Dealer B. It will not work.
  4. Minium amount you can start with as a Sub-Dealer is N9,600 Only

Also feel free comment below, as we are here to assisting you.

Good Luck.


  1. I want to start the recharge card business as a wholesaler

    • Alright, follow the step mentioned above

  2. This post is worth everyone’s attention. When can I
    find out more?

  3. Thank you Chukwuemeka for this revelation. You hear from me as soon as possible.

  4. if I want to start d business how much may I need to finish everytin together wit d machine and all d processing all togeda pls.i need urgently ansar.

    • Well, you do not need any kind of machine. But You have to buy an A4 printer, to do this printing. With a minimum of N9700 you should be able to start ordering for pins.

  5. please I want to buy from the sub-dealears in bulk and reach out to people around me how do I connect to a good svb-dealer and how much is required. Thanks. waiting for a reply.

    • If you want to buy from a Sub-dealers then look well around your area you can get one to start buying from. However, we are teaching and guiding interested people to become a recommended Sub-dealer.

  6. I want to be a sub dealer.

    • Sure, successfully you can be a sub-dealer following the instructions on this page.

  7. How much can u buy it from a dealer not a sub-dealer, Becos I want to be a sub-dealer. So how much can u buy it from a dealer directly. What’s the profit margin bw the dealer and the sub-dealer, and bw the sub-dealer and the retailers. Can u help me calculate the profit margin?


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