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Get Your Textnow Free User Name and Password Within 2 Minutes

Textnow is an application that allows register users acquire free foreign phone numbers, send and receive calls and SMS through the custom phone number. Getting Textnow Free User Name and Password is 100% FREE and very fast too and will take not less than 2minutes to complete the registration process. This page has covered all process you will come across.

Talking of the Textnow features, you can Send messages and make calls on your computer or tablet, then access them from your phone while on the go.

However, if you need more feature, like unlimited calling and texting you can switch to TextNow Premium account.  Don’t panic! the price is really affordable, paid plans starting as low as $9.99 per month with no contracts. They even have a free, Wi-Fi only version of TextNow, available for download on your existing device.

The TextNow Tech uses a hybrid of Wi-Fi + cellular for texting and calling. This means they can offer you low-cost plans with affordable, name-brand smartphones.

I haven’t forgotten the purpose of this page is to show how to get Textnow Free User Name and Password, trying to work you around, letting you know more things you can also benefit using your TextNow account after the Textnow registration.



Textnow Free User Name and Password

TextNow sign up

This is a clear screenshot of TextNow sign up page

You have to go through the registration process to achieve this. Creating an account is free. It requires Your email address, then you choose a password, prove you are human and that is all. You’re done with the TextNow sign up. Or You can also decide to use either Facebook or Google account to sign up too, even more, faster!


How to Sign Up TextNow Account Fast

  1. Visit www.textnow.com/signup
  2. Fill in your details in the TextNow Sign Up The required details for TextNow registration includes: Your full
  3. name, Username or nickname, password, email.
  4. Tick the captcha box to show that you are not a robot prove that you are not a robot by entering the code.
  5. Click on Sign Up
  6. Then login to your email address and confirm the textnow registration, clicking on the link sent to you.

Please note that When you sign up, auto-billing is set up with the credit/debit card you used. This means your credit/debit card will be billed every month automatically until you cancel your plan. Should you need to change your billing information, you can add new cards on your My Account page right here on www.textnow.com, or through the app menu under Account Balance. You can always cancel at any time you want.


Telegram Web Login Account – Web.Telegram.org Download on PC

Instagram Sign Up Account Page – www.instagram.com

→ China Sina Weibo sign up | Weibo English Translate Page – sina.com/weibo/


There is other information you should also know about TextNow. Apart from the above information, you can as well order for TextNow packages such a;

→TextNow Sim Card

→ Textnow Smartphones

→ And Textnow Unlimitles call and text data plans


How The TextNow Sim Card Works

Textnow offer a sim card which interested users can get and use in their phones. This option is mostly available for those whom Textnow smartphone is never an option for them.

The Textnow sim card is said to be free, but you will have to purchase a bundle to get it and before using the Sim card.

The TextNow Sim card subscription bundles come is 4-levels starting from $9.99 monthly to $39.99 monthly. However, all bundle plans include unlimited talk & text to USA and Canada. Data plans include unlimited 2G data.

Users who exceed 23GB/month during usage will experience reduced speeds until the next cycle of plan renewed.


Textnow Smart Phones

If you haven’t known before, then this is an opportunity. Textnow has series of smart phones from different Phone bands (Samsung, HTC, Apple, LG and Motorola) to select from.

The phones already come in with Textnow Network, which means the phone is locked with the Textnow network. So, Textnow.com provided networks in the phone. With TextNow, you have coverage through WiFi and nation-wide data networks.

To select from the list of phones they have in stock visit https://www.textnow.com/wireless? to select the phone brand, colour, bundle plan, then buy which one you’re happy with. Even on getting the phone you still need a monthly subscription plan to get rolling.

Please note that You will be assigned a temporary number when you sign up until your phone number is ported in the phone that you can start using your phone number


Textnow Unlimited call and text data plans

It is already made clear that All plans include unlimited talk & text to USA and Canada. Data plans include unlimited 2G data. Te plans come in 4 bundles which include;

→ Talk & Text Only
9.99 / month
19.99 / month
29.99 / month
→ Unlimited LTE
39.99 / month

Plans are renewed automatically that is must reason your payment information (like credit/debit card and PayPal) are need to bill you automatically. But you can as well cancel your plan anytime you don’t want to.


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