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Glo Telecom Company has come again with “Glo Yakata“. And you know that “YAKATA” means plenty plentiful … in anyways you mean it. Even though MTN Telecommunication has a stable and standard network service than all other network providers in Africa (Nigeria must especially), Glo also has their own unique ways of making their customers stick to them. 

Glo is regarded as “Baba for Data”… check it out, you see it’s true. No other network providers provide Data and free calling power than Glo.

Although some still find it difficult using their data or bonus calling credit due to their locations and all that, that still doesn’t stop Glo giving amazing bonuses for their subscribers.

What is Glo Yakata?

Glo Yakata is a tariff plan which offers you More data and free call credit. We can say that this plan is another alternative to Glo Bumpa Tariff because You get 2,200% value on every top-up of 100 Naira. Meaning recharge of 100 Naira attracts 2,200 Naira bonus value and 200 Naira attracts 4,400 Naira.

Any call free call bonus credit on this plan (YAKATA) expires within 7days (which is 1week). But there is an exception if you have an existing data bundle. Therefore, you will only stop enjoying the benefits if you migrate away from it to other Tariff Plans, such as Glo G-Bam.

Glo yakata isn’t for everyone, YES – it’s really not for every person using Glo sim. Do you want to know why?

This company has a bunch of packages/tariff plan to suit every category of their customers, that is why it is very necessary that you ask questions before migrating into any plan, though you can at any time unsubscribe from any plan you enter which you don’t want anymore. But Terms and conditions apply (if within the short period of 30day and you want to migrate to another plan, you will be charged N100).

How to Migrate to Glo Yakata

The Glo Yakata Migration code is simply to dial; *220#

Then you should see a notification that your migration is on the process and in few minutes check your migration to confirm using #100#

That is all about Glo Yakata Migration code and checking your migration status.

Glo Yakata Data Plans – Checkout Yakata Subscription Codes Below

  • » Data Value: 1750% of your top up.
  • » 1st Recharge of the Month Data Benefit: 50MB for 100 Naira recharge and 6.25GB for 5000 Naira recharge.
  • » Data Benefit on Subsequent Recharges: 50MB on 100 Naira airtime top up and 2.5GB on 5000 Naira.

You will only receive the data benefit on 1st recharge of the month for 6 months.


What is Glo Yakata Call Rate?

You may want to compare with other tariffs so its necessary you know what calling rate.

  1. Calls to other Glo numbers is 55k/sec for both main and bonus accounts.
  2. Calls to other networks are charged at 70k/sec for main and bonus accounts.
  3. SMS is charged at the normal N4/SMS from main account and 14N/SMS from bonus account.

How to Check Glo Yakata Bonus Rate

To Check Glo Yakata Bonus Balance (Voice & Data) Just dial *220*1#.


How To Deactivate Glo Yakata Plan

Just in case you want to unsubscribe your line from glo yakata then dial the code of the tariff plan you want to migrate to. Note that first migrations are free; subsequent migration within the same month will cost N100).

Take for instance you are migrating to G-Bam; To migrate to G-Bam, Dial *100*5*1# now.

Or you want to migrate to GLO Bumpa plan, then still from your phone dial: *100*10*1# and then push 1 to confirm.

Or any other tariff plan you want to migrate that suite your need. Once you know the code you can do that and you are out of Glo Yakata entirely.


Things You Should know about Glo Yakata Tariff Plan:

1. You can’t make international call with the bonuses given. All international calls are charged from the main account.
2. You also can’t share your Bonus of any kind. Meaning that the bonus account is not shareable or transferable.
3. The free credit lasts for 7days before it expires.
4. First migrations are free; subsequent migration within the same month will cost N100



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