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Gmail Registration page is an official website/portal,, created and owned by Google for users who want to create gmail account to sign up and create a email address and a secured password for them self. Also Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service provided by Google.

The new Google gmail look is so wonderful to operate and understand. From the new gmail website, users can do multiple things in one account. New Gmaill account now comes with 15GB of free storage across Gmail, Google Drive and Google+ Photos, you won’t need to delete emails to save space.

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Gmail Registration Sign Up Guidelines

Gmail registration is a very simple process to carry out. Meanwhile I am going to show you how to create new gmail account here. All I ask of you is follow the instruction below:

  1. Visit either using your mobile phone or computer
  2. Since you are new and want to open a new Gmail account, below the login form there is a link to “Create a New Account“. Click on the link
  3. Now the form opens for you, start filling the information needed of you. Enter your Full name, choose an email address, enter your date of birth and gender, then enter your phone number (optional for now)
  4. Click on continue. Now a new gmail mobile hone verification page for you to enter (or re-enter) open so that after you have confirmed your phone number, a verification code will be sent to you or when you select call, a Google customer care will give you the code aswell.
  5. After all of this task, A “CONGRATULATION” page opens informing you that your gmail account is …. and that you can now login gmail account to customize it, start sending and receiving mail from friends and family.

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How to Compose Message on Gmail account:

After creating your gmail account, when you login successfully, you will see a “RED” link “COMPOSE” then click on it. The new Gmail Compose form opens. The first you see is

  • “recipients” that is to whom are you sending the email message to? You are required to enter the recipients email address (not the name) unless you already have the email contact store in your email, then you can enter the name of the person and the email address will appear.
  • the other is “Subject”. What is the content of the message? This will make the recipients ready your message fast.
  • the last is the body of the message, there is a large box to type in what you want.  If you know how to use the Microsoft word keys and icos then you most have known about the “B”, “U” and underline, etc. all of this tools helps you to writing a good email message.

Image on How to Compose Message on Gmail account

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How to Make Google Video Call free:

On your gmail account you can always start making video calls live and text instant messaging to your friends and family. We understand that most time you want to message or make video calling with your business, friends and family on the go, but wondering how it goes. The steps below will show you all that…

When you have login to your gmail account, click on the friend or family member you want to chat or call then a chat box opens, you can click on the “video call icon”  to start making free video calls.

Logo : video call icon

Enjoy your new Gmail account … Use our comment box below if you face any kind of Gmail Registration Sign Up challenges.


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