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Best Free Email Services: Gmail, Zoho Mail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Yandex

Generally, people are more conversant with Gmail and Yahoo Mail services. It will surprise you to know that there are many email services at your convenience. These email services are not only free but also very convenient for usage. This article “Best Free Email Services” will show you few of these email services available for your convenient use. We hope you find them convenient too.

All of the underlisted best email services offers free and premium accounts, but in general has a free storage facilities to save your files, docs and other important stuffs.

Apart from the storage abilities, email messages can be sent and received across them. Meaning that you can use Yahoo mail account to send mail to Gmail, or Outlook, etc.

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Below are List of Best Free Email Services

Google Gmail Account

Best Free Email Services: Gmail, Zoho Mail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Yandex 1

Gmail is the most secure and user-friendly email service. It includes many extras to make your email experience superb. Gmail has become the new standard as the best free email program. This service provides a free email account that is always upgrading to stay ahead of its competition. It includes spam filtering, free cloud storage, POP3 and IMAP support. Gmail’s incredible service combines video chat, social media and account protection.

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Zoho Mail Account

Best Free Email Services: Gmail, Zoho Mail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Yandex 2

Zoho Mail is a solid email service with ample storage, POP and IMAP access, some integration with instant messaging and online office suites.Aimed at professional users, Zoho Mail could be even more helpful organizing mail, identifying key messages and contacts, and sending oft-used replies. Zoho’s free email service has no ads anywhere in the user interface. This is a major advantage. Further, Zoho Mail is a business solutions service, with a lot of features that are aimed more at enterprise users than personal email users.

Microsoft Outlook Mail Account

Best Free Email Services: Gmail, Zoho Mail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Yandex 3

Outlook is an excellent free email service that lets you integrate your social media and access your other email accounts all in one place. The Outlook Mail offers a rich email experience on the web and can be accessed via IMAP, POP and Exchange Active Sync. Also, Outlook Mail automatically bans spam, and the web interface collects clutter and is smart about large file attachments. When you sign up for your free Outlook email account, you automatically have access to 7GB of cloud storage with OneDrive, and you can purchase additional space with a subscription if you want.

Yahoo! Mail Account

Best Free Email Services: Gmail, Zoho Mail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Yandex 4

Yahoo! Mail is a prominent and long-standing force. This free email service has gone through years of experience to create refined email accounts. Yahoo! Mail is your ubiquitous email program on the web and mobile devices with ample storage, SMS texting, social networking and instant messaging to boot. While Yahoo! Mail is generally a joy to use, free-form labeling and smart folders would be nice, and the spam filter could catch junk even more effectively.

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Having taken a look at some of the best free Email Services around, which of these suits your convenience?  Note, we still have many other numbers of email services. They include Hushmail, inbox.com, GMX mail, Yandex Mail Account, etc. The choice is yours to make. You can ask any question regarding all these email services listed here and we will attend to you quickly. Thank you.


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