Google Adsense Mobile App Free Download for Android & iPhone

Google Adsense Mobile AppVery long time again Google has provided an easy where webmasters can access their Google adsense account even without logging through the computer or web. Its easy now using the Google Adsense Mobile App. So use the link below to download for your device.

The Google Ads app provides you with an account overview, as well as access to detailed performance reports on all key metrics for your AdSense and AdMob accounts.

Why You Need the Google Adsense Mobile App

One of the first reason you need it is staying closer to your account, having quick access to your account. Maybe you are on vacation and needed not to open our computer, cos definitely you must be with your smartphone, so you then use your Android or iPhone to access your account and see what Google AdSense has for you for that day. SO not necessarily need your PC for this anymore once you download Google Adsense Mobile App on your mobile phone.

More reason could be that, it may be that Google needed your quick attention to solve some problem or error on your sites that are linked to you google account, so with your App Ads you can get this alert quick and know the next thing to do , just before you account is closed (which usually takes 3 working days, if no proper action is taken).

You may also have other personal reason why you need to download


Google Adsense Mobile App Free Download Link

The application is ONLY available for all Android and iPhone OS. So use the downloading link below for your phone type;

  1. Google Ads App for Android
  2. Google AdSense App for iPhone


Please note that YouTube revenue and revenue from the legacy AdMob are not available in this app.

Features of Google Ads App

You can comfortably use this app to check;

  • estimated earning
  • top ad units, channels, sites, countries
  • and many more…


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