Google Banned Checker: Learn How To Check If Your Domain URL Is Banned By Google

Google Banned Checker – So many webmaster have experience this problem, of which in most cases it is been cause by them. That is why I have publish this article to let you know how to check if your domain url is banned by google and also to know the right Google Banned Checker website to check whether your website is banned by google index, search engines, and google adsence.

Search Engines are surely the most respected free sources of traffic for any blog or website and can never be neglected when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. But it can come as a shock to know that some domains are actually banned from major search engines and do not appear for search results on keywords they write about.

Posible reason why your url may be banned:

  1. One of the major reasons is doing Black Hat SEO. Trying to rank for a particular keyword by all means and gathering backlinks too quickly can cause more harm than good to your domain because you can end up having your domain name banned by major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  2. Another important reason why website or url could be banned is having lots of links from penalized URLs, it can raise Google’s Eye Brow and attract a penalty on your blog. So you have to be very careful when you are linking url in your website.

There are still other reason but let me show you the two powerful website to check if url in banned by google.

Below are the website to check if url in banned by google (google index, search engines, and google adsence.)

  1.  –  The will test to see if your site is banned from Google. Google banned checker will examine your domain with Google search to detect if the site is banned by Google. It is very atypical for any site to be banned from Google.
  2. – This another wonderful google banned checker. It test whether url is banned from showing adsense and also if the domain is banned from index and search engine. Which means that is able to check if your website and/or domain is banned by both the Google Search Engine, and by Google AdSense, by entering your website name and clicking the “submit”.

There are still others but this is the major google banned checker which I use.

Note: If you still have other better once, kindly use the comment box to indicate them.

Solution to Domain URL  Banned By Search Engines:

It is only one solution that I have which is If a site has been banned by Google then it is better to copy your site and select another domain name. Otherwise you might email Google with request for the ban to be removed from your site.

Remember, If you still have other better URL Banned Checker like and, kindly use the comment box below to indicate them.

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