Screenshot of Google Live Election Results

Google Live Election Results Update 2016 – Check Who is Winning??

The Google Live Election Results Update platform give a complete view of the 2016 American Election that is ongoing. On Google Live Election Results update you see a Live Overview of the President, Senate, House, Governor and Referenda. We understand how important today is to the whole world.

One of the most reason we are letting the public know how to follow up with a live update of 2016 US election results.

Following the last update on, Republicans won the US House.


HOW TO CHECK – Google Live Election Results Update

Check this the Live update of the US 2016 election is easy as long as you know the right way to check for this. It really does not mater the kind of browser you may be using but I highly recommend you to use Google Chrome, Mozilla and Safari browser to search for US election  results 2016 update for President, Senate, House and Governor.

Here is how you should stay updated on what is going on right now.

Using any of those browsers recommended (above) login to  But never mind if you access and what yo see is, or,,  etc. Google is only making use of Geographical region to give you update, yet every information about the US election 2016 remains the same.

Then when the Google search engine opens, enter any of the following search keyword below:

2016 US election results
US election 2016
US elections 2016 live results

Then there will be a  “LIVE” update Snippet preview (like the screenshot below) showing the full summary updat for all electoral positions for 2016 usa election.

Screenshot of Google Live Election Results
Here is a Live Screenshot of Google Live Election Results


You can now see your self what is happening, who is winning and number of vote remaining to finalize who wins the US election.

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