Google My Business Verification Issue: “No more ways to verify” – Resolved!

Google my business is a great tool and platform that allow business owners to get their business locations and that which they offer to be seen by any interested audience from around the world.

Businesses, organizations, companies, including digital marketers – list their products and services in “Google my Business”.

The first step is to sign up – On this page >>HERE<< we have shown the step-by-step guide on how to sign up for Google my Business and how to verify your Business on the same platform too.

There is a common issue that occurs in Google My Business in regard to verifying your business – “No more ways to verify”.

Are you encountering the same?

This page addresses how to proceed in verifying your business on Google My Business even when Google says “No more ways to verify”.

What should have possibly curse the issue – “No more ways to verify”?

  1. Your verification code did not work, which lead to exhausting the number of try attempts.
  2. You never got the letter and Google not sending the verification letter.

What to do next?

  • Go to the Google My Business support page here, you will need to login into your google my business account
  • You should see a form staring with;
    – writing why and what type of help you need.
    – You have been giving options to select what actually is the issues. And on this page, we are discussing the issue “No more verification method available” – that you should select.

    If none of those options matches your complaint then click the other.
    Then click on the “Next step” to proceed.
  • Select the contact option. That is how Google should contact you. Already Google had provided Email as the option. So select it to complete the step.

More information to fill out now.

– First is to type in your name and business name.
– Then go to Google to Google map to find your location,
– Get the URL of your location and input it in the box you’re filling out on the GMB support page.
– enter your phone number, and
– snap the front of your office or shop and upload on the page as requested.
There are criteria given on the specifications of your business pictures you will be uploading.
– Then select the relationship of the business; whether the business belongs to you, or you were hired, or employed, etc.

  • Then submit your query.


Google will contact you again

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