How To Grow Facebook Group Members For Beginners

One of the strategies you can adopt for your online marketing and Facebook marketing strategies is by creating a Facebook group. However, to have a Facebook group is one thing; to grow the membership is another issue altogether. In this post, we have brought together some strategies you can use to grow Facebook group members even if you know nothing about it before.

If you must excel online, you must set your goals, devise a strategy and then commit to ensuring you fulfill those goals. We have listed some social media tips for small businesses which you can check out. So, let us see how you can grow the members in your Facebook group.

Grow Facebook Group Members

below are 5 practical strategies you can adopt for your business to grow using Facebook group.

1. Add Links To Your Social Media Profiles

One of the easiest ways to lure loads of the right people to your Facebook group is by planting a link in your main navigation menu. These people are in all likelihood your exact target audience because they read your blog already. Making it likely they’ll jump at the chance to join your Facebook group. So, you can use your LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, Website etc pages to direct people to your Facebook groups.

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2. Grow Your Membership With Facebook Ads

We have written extensively here on why you should use Facebook Ads. Using Ads is one of the most effective ways to grow Facebook Group members. One of the easiest ways you can get people to join your group is to run some targeted Facebook Ads. Like I mentioned before, running ads requires a page. You can create a Facebook Page using this guide here. What you just do is to create an Ad that will lead people to you Facebook business page. In this page, you can then funnel them to your Facebook group.

3. Use Influencer Marketing

Another proven strategy you can use to grow your Facebook group is by asking Influencers in your niche to endorse you. Influencers in your niche already have the audience you are looking for. So, when they recommend and endorse your group, it will definitely lead to an increase in membership. Please note that this is a two way traffic. You can pay them to do this. or, offer them something in return, of course (your product, services, etc.)

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4. Share Link In Other Groups/Cross Promotion

Another extremely effective strategy you can use to grow your Facebook group is cross-promotion. There are over a billion groups on Facebook, so chances are there are some similar ones to yours. Cross promoting your group in other related groups is a great way to grow it quickly. However, you also want to be mindful of each group’s rules about self-promotion. Most groups these days have what we call “Market days” where they allow people to market their groups. products and service etc. Use this method and grow your group membership.

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5. Give Consistent Value FOR FREE

Content is still the master when doing anything online. So, it is not enough to have group members. When you continually give out values to the members you have, you can ask them to recommend your group to others. provided you give them quality service, you are sure of getting them recommend your group for free.

As a good first step, you can simply make a post in your group asking people to share it. Let them know you want to make this group the best and most popular one for your topic, and you need their help to do it.

If you found this helpful, please share this to help others who might need it. Share with us what you learnt from this below.

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