How GTBank Prepaid Utility Card Works

Image result for gtbank utility cardDo you have any idea on how GTBank prepaid utility card works? Well, this post is here to do just that for you. We are going to show you how you can get GTBank prepaid utility card. We will also outline the features and then the functions of the card. So, you are in for some good lessons. Are you ready to go?

The GTBank Utility card is an all-purpose Naira denominated prepaid card designed to provide ultimate convenience, flexibility, security and is ideal for making casual purchases at supermarkets and shops, purchasing fuel at filling stations and so much more!

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Unlike other cards, the Utility card is pre-paid which means that you will have to load money on the card prior to use. The card is linked to a virtual pre-paid account so that all transactions made with the card are reflected instantly on the prepaid card account.

Just some questions for you, buddy.

Are you uncomfortable using your regular debit cards for online purchases and would prefer a prepaid card?

Do you want to monitor your driver’s fuel expenditure or your maid’s purchases during an errand?

Do you need to separate your household or utility bill payments e.g. PHCN or water bills immediately after your salary is paid?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this article is just for you. Are we good to go?

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How GTBank Prepaid Utility Card Works

Now, let;s show you how GTBank prepaid utility card works. But before then, why not we show you how to get the card first?

How To Get The GTBank Utility Card

To get your utility card, please kindly follow the steps below to get the GTBank Utility Card.

  1. Visit the nearest GTBank branch in your area.
  2. Go to customer service desk and ask t for the Utility card
  3. They will give you a given to fill. Simply provide your correct information.
  4. Hand the form over to them and visit the bank on a stipulated date to get your GTBank Utility Card. In some cases, you would be telephone to come and get your card, once it is ready.

Uses of GTbank Utility Card

This GTbank Utility Card is a multi-purpose payment card which can perform an array of payment functionalities across several platforms such as:

  1. You can use it to pay for Utility bills like PHCN, Cable TV etc.
  2. You can use it for ATM withdrawals
  3. Also, you can use it to Pay for goods at shops and supermarkets.
  4. You can use it to buy Fuel at Filling stations
  5. You can use it at POS terminals in Nigeria and overseas
  6. furthermore, you can use it to buy Airline tickets
  7. You can use it for Domestic and international Online purchases
  8. You may request for the virtual prepaid Utility card for your online purchases.

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Features of GTBank Utility Card

Below are the features of the GTbank utility card.

  1. Provided 24/7 access to your funds both at home and overseas, across all ATMs.
  2. It secures your funds and transactions with the use of chip and PIN.
  3. It has a 2 years validity
  4. usable on POS terminals to buy good and services
  5. you can use it for internet banking. All you have to do is to request for this non-personalized card and you’ll be granted instantly or virtual card
  6. you are limited to a daily withdrawal limit of N100,000
  7. you are limited to a daily transaction limit of N60,000 at ATM machine, and N250,000 for POS.
  8. can be used for internet as well as domestic transactions.
  9. Instant notification via SMS and email alert enabled.
  10. card can be loaded at at bank branches and via internet banking.

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GTBank Utility Card Transaction Limits

For any tarnsaction, here are the limits.

Daily loading limit N100,000
Maximum Card Balance N500,000
Local POS & Web transactions N500,000
International POS & Online transactions $3,000 monthly
ATM Withdrawal Abroad: $300 daily

*Please note that a charge of N1,200 applies for every cash withdrawal at an ATM abroad while Online and POS transactions are free.

You can now go ahead and obtain your own utility card. If you have any further question on How GTBank Prepaid Utility Card Works, kindly use the comment box below.

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  1. How would I fund my gtb virtual card using online banking

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