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Guideline for Creating Yahoo Email Account Fast –

Creating Yahoo Email Account fast using either mobile app or through the official website, but one thing still remains that – if you are yet to sign up for YAHOO! ACCOUNT then you have to provide the following (below) information/data in order to create a profile account. After creating yahoo email account – you have free storage space to save your important files or documents in your email account. 

Apart from free storage space, organizing your email messages by linking your other email account (from other email services such as: Gmail, Yandex, AOL mail, Hotmail, YopMail, etc). Also customizing your email account by changing email theme, profile picture, creating an email signature and more.

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Yahoo account is rated among the best and popular email services in the world, click here to see.

Yahoo registration form will request for your: Full Name, select email address (with a yahoo domain or, etc), date of birth, location and phone number. Also alternative email, but it is optional.  This are only information about you needed to create yahoo email account fast.

It’s really not suprising that many people are using Yahoo mail all over the world because the interface is simple and page is fast loading on mobile and computer, this same account can be use for receiving email messages and sending to other mailing services.


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Here are full guideline for creating Yahoo Email Account fast

You can create yahoo email account fast in two different ways, which is either via Yahoo Mail official website and via Yahoo mail App.

Creating yahoo email account is supper simple all you have to do is:

Creating Yahoo Email Account on App

  1. Log on to your App store (whether Google play store or iTunes store or Windows store)
  2. Download the latest Yahoomail App
  3. Lunch the app and tap “Create Account”
  4. Fill the form and submit

If you are Creating Yahoo Mail account through the website

then you have to:

  1. Navigate to using your phone or computer browser
  2. Click “Create a New Account” or “Sign UP”
  3. Fill the form, then getting to phone number verification, you will have to use the code sent to you via sms
  4. submit form

Now you can login and start using your new yahoo mail account. Also you can share your address to friends and family or business partners.

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Benefit of Creating Yahoo Email account

I wouldn’t want to start stating what we all already know about. But the fact is that you can:

  • send and receive mails from others.
  • use your email account to apply for job online or offline.
  • get updates using your email to subscribe for news and events that may interest your.
  • use the same login to access yahoo messenger account.
  • access your account from anywhere and at anytime using any devices as long as its connected to the internet.
  • Storage space, which already has been elaborated before now.
  • what you can do with your mail while working on desktop, also you can do all of it using mobile App.
  • and many more, because new updates are till coming…


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