Guidelines to STUDY in UK, RUSSIA & UKRAINE for DEGREE


Traveling outside the countries like UK, RUSSIA & UKRAINE for studies has always be the interest of all those who want to acquire more degrees like MASTERS DEGREE , DOCTORATE DEGREE, CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT and many others.

But one should always bear in mind that there are steps to every thing in life. For you to get it right you will have to follow the due process and in future there will be no problem.

On this page, you will understand the full guidelines on how you can STUDY in UK, RUSSIA & UKRAINE for your DEGREE, MASTERS DEGREE & DOCTORATE DEGREE at a very affordable rate. And so know the requirements for it.

Traveling outside for a degree study is no longer a big deal. Some times when you see or hear some one close to you is going outside the country for a study you fill so nervous thinking that they most have a very high connection to archive it. Its not through! It all about getting the right connection.

We have a special Constance that deals on this. This organization does not miss-lead. We trust them so much because they have been into this. Their major occupation is traveling and tourism.

Requirements to Study in UK, RUSSIA & UKRAINE for DEGREE

  •  International Passport
  • Your complete waec result (at least 5 credits ).
  • Birth certificate
  • University Transcript (Masters Degree)
  • Degree Certificates

To get in contact directly with this organization will cost you only N5,000 Only. All you have to do is make your deposit into any of this bank account listed below;

GTBankBank Name: GTBank Plc
Account No: 0149651074


FIRST BANKBank Name: First Bank Plc
Account No: 3066151282

Make deposit of N5,000 only (Five thousand naira only). Send your payment details (to 08032934651 or which includes:

  1. Full Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Teller Number

It now our duty to send you every details you need to know about the organization which includes

  • The Organization’s Name
  • Office address
  • Phone number
  • Full contact details

All the above list will be sent to your email address and possible to your mobile phone number – that is after making your payment.

Please I do not want you to think I have gathered irresponsible group of people to take your money. That is why the organization will not be as much as you may be thinking. We do not do try-luck style! They do their work as they have presented them self to be.

The money you are paying should really matter, but what should mater most to you is the information that will be given to you after payment.

Good Luck!

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