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Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12 Registration Form

This is to inform or dreamer to become the “GUS 12 Last Man Standing” should note that the Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12 Registration Form is coming out soon.

For you to access the official website of GUS () and start registration you have to be 18years and above, Please note that.

But I think we can also keep you entertained and as well educate you so that you know what you are about to face when you become the choosing one to go there, what I mean is present you to the last

I want you to watch and download past Gulder Ultimate Search  Season 11 – Episode 28 to see how the Twenty-four year old Chinedu Ubachukwu has emerged the winner of this year’s edition of Gulder Ultimate Search. The Anambra state indigene thus became the 11th winner of Africa’s first and longest running reality TV show.

I believe you will learn little from here…

Use the comment box below to drop your email and phone number so that you can bee informed (free) when the Season 12 Gulder Ultimate Search Registration Form is out. I will inform you for free!


List of Televission Stations to Watch Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12 are as Follows:

  • mbi Minaj Broadcast
  • HIP TV
  • AIT tv
  • Wap TV

    You watch the show live starting from 10PM every day still the end of the Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12 season.

Remember to drop your email and phone number on the comment below so that you will be updated for free.

150 thoughts on “Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12 Registration Form

  1. this av bein gettin too long.i cant just wait 4 it to come out now.dis is my noba 4 update 08102917240,tanx.

  2. tanx…i do check der website more dan 4times a waiting all day long 4 dat.hoping dey wil release dat soon.tanx again.

  3. Please keep me alart whenever the start registering for gulderultimatesearch this year 2015 08105187391

  4. thanks for creating medium to alert nigerian, every i hav missed the registration bc i dont know wen d form is out. This is my numbers 08075374436 08181319674

  5. Please I’m interested. I need to be updated once the form is out. here is my number 08138351183

  6. pls when is de registration for gulder ultimate search reason 12 starting . am in interested dis my contact incase of any information 08148062318

    1. I will not forget to update you all that has dropped your email here. I will contact you all

      Good Luck

  7. Thanks a lot for your promise. My phone number is 08066538123.

    1. OK. But you should have also included your email address, because I believe for sure that i will not fail to send you guys the message via email

  8. it seems there wont be gulder ultimate search this year bt let all hope for a better days ahead.still on the matter.

  9. pls i can wait again alert me if the form is out my no is 09095215612

  10. Alert me when the form is out and when the show will begin.
    I really GUS

  11. Alert me when the form is out and when the show will begin.
    I really Love GUS

  12. I cannot wait to be part of this season 12,my number 09099778829

  13. wow!i hav bin dreaming of this 4 a long time,i cnt wait to be dia by the special grace of God.

  14. Hello gulder ultimate ,please i want to apply for these year search ,please kindly let me know when the form is out,thanks. this is my email,thanks and God bless.

  15. Hope to get the ultimate search form online,cavt wait to be the next ultimate guy.

  16. Please notify me,when the registration form is out.this is my phone number and my email address 07063656736 (

  17. please notify me when the gulder ultimate registration is coming out this is my number and email address 07063656736 (

  18. Pls I need update o ,here is my number 08175165440,

  19. I’m really interested please notify me when it gets started , here’s my numbers 07032815184 & 08125392948 thanks a lot I can’t wait any longer

  20. pls when d form is out alert me I ad my brother need d form pls thanks 4 d information god bless GUS

  21. please I need to be alert when the is out. I wait to be last man standing

  22. please do alert me when the form is out here is my number 07068780083

  23. please i would like to know when the GUS12 registration begins thank.

  24. alert me once the GUS registration form is out.

  25. I have been longing for this very opportunity and I can’t afford to miss or lose this uncommon opportunity that comes across me now. pls, I urge u guys to keep me updated through my email pls. you guys should not let this opportunity to bypass me. Thank you for anticipated cooperation

  26. pls, I have been trying to get where I can register for this great opportunity ..pls I wan to be inform for this season am ready and good to go.07031329367.

  27. ultimate search is the number one TV show
    so I reality want to be there to search for crown.
    08028761683 pls alert me wen d form is out

  28. please inform me when the form is out, i can,t wait!!!!

  29. I love Gus alot can’t wait for game to start. these are my number and address pls alert m wen the form is finally out thk u. num.08068452505 and gmail.

  30. pls notify me when de form is out, I had been waiting for long

  31. please alert me when the form is out this my number 08127836971

  32. Plz HOOLLAA me wenever the FORM comes OUT………my phone number==08125455569,……my,…….my facebook account==Tunde Dauda….thankz God bless.

  33. Plz I’d like to be informed whenever d forms r out

  34. I am interested in the GUS, plus do alert me wen do form is out……my number. 08136108709

  35. Pls alert me when the form is out, thank you. My no 08181717997

  36. please kindly inform me when gulder ultimate search season 12 registration commence my name are Austin oluwasegun llebile, my email is no 08105412336.. Thanks 4 ur cooperation..

  37. Pls when is the registration form out cos am ready for an adventure

  38. Please notify me when it comes out, thanks. 07083027605

  39. please update me when the form is out, my number is 08067209423 thanks.

  40. please council’s of elders keep me updated when the form is out…. 07030890611

  41. please am interested in the application. please notify me when the form is out.

  42. Hi good morning
    Kindly notify me when the form is out
    08088479225 or 09092154092…thanks

  43. pls notify me when d form comes out. 07039601994

  44. “ 09039239990…..may God bless u”

  45. hello my name is kelvin, pls notify me when the form is out this is my num 08069061216

  46. Wish to participate and emerge as last man standing

  47. Am interested, so can’t wait to emerge in full force..08149305940

  48. get me informed when the form is out please

  49. Am interested, please do let me know when it out..

  50. Wow.. What a great opportunity for me to be a partaker of this year (2016) GUS. Honestly, like seriously I can’t really wait to be there.. Please, I seriously plead to inform me once the form is out… Here is my contact: 08086409853 / 0903 169 4003 or email:, My name is Godspower Odinakachi, thanks, God bless and hope to hear from you soon…

  51. Please let me know when the form is out. 08105203736

  52. Pls I will like to have update about the registration when is out. 0806448852

  53. Please sir notify me when the forms are out…this is my number: 07088705625

  54. please inform me when the form is out God bless.

  55. please i will like to participate in this year 2016 Gus, my phone number 07063288386

  56. This is what I have been dreaming of everyday, just to get started and hope for the best. Please notify me immediately the registration commence. 07035352435 from Abubarkar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi. Bauchi State.

  57. I’m very ready for for this pls. Notify me when the form is out. 07060955504

  58. Please let me know when the form is out I want to apply

  59. Good afternoon, please notify me when the form is out,09054882057… .thankx!

  60. I want to officially introduce my self “GUS”,My name is ToniteOnzkid kingsley.
    Please, please and please shock me and alart me gbagam immediately the form is out.

  61. its a good reality TV show…just keep it going & don’t break the chain…Iwillbeyournexthero.

  62. this is my number of gulder ultimate search if the forms is out 08037778786 or 08164860945

  63. Please i will need an update when the form is out and when the registration begins


    is my phone number

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